Imlie 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Aditya and Imlie enjoy playing Holi together


Imlie 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie saying she can’t even meet her mother to celebrate. Aditya asks then why can’t you go with me? You came the next day I came back to Delhi. My family is upset after you told them you won’t go to Tripathi house. Imlie says I am not your responsibility, neither I want to come between you and Malini.

Aditya says then what about us? Why didnt you stay in Pagdandiya? Don’t think that Malini and I really happy with the relationship. I also can’t understand how to tell the truth to Malini. That’s why you have to talk about your feelings regarding me. I am unable to concentrate on work without you, I can’t leave you alone. Don’t force me to tell the thing you don’t want to listen. Imlie says you can’t hurt Malini. I will go on one condition. That is you won’t break promises you made to Malini.

Aditya packs Imlie’s luggage. Imlie starts laughing and says these are not her clothes, but her roommate’s clothes.
Anu Dev meet Tripathis. Aparna gets happy. Anu says she is here to see how Aditya treats Malini. Malini comes and Dev asks why she didn’t apply colors. Anu again gets upset with the fact that Aditya again left without informing anybody. Malini says Aditya doesnt like to play Holi. He never applied color on her. But after Aparna said about the first Holi she got excited to play Holi with him.

Imlie asks why Aditya doesn’t like to play Holi. He is very weird. Aditya says you like me, that’s enough for me. They apply colors on each other. They enjoy playing Holi together.

Tripathis don’t start playing Holi. They wait for Aditya. Nishant shows bhaang to Dhruv and Nidhi saying they will spike everyone’s drink so everyone will become happy. They look upset. Nishant’s mom notices bhaang. Aparna scolds them saying how can they drink bhaang. Last time all became crazy. Imlie starts singing her special song. Aditya accompanies her. Tripathis get surprised looking at Imlie. Imlie dances with everyone. Aparna hugs her saying they missed her a lot. Aparna tells Aditya that Malini is waiting for him from so long. Aditya recalls how he applied colors on Imlie.

Malini looks at Aditya. Imlie wishes her happy Holi. Malini says she thought she will insist Aditya to apply vermilion on her hairline only but Aditya already played Holi. Malini says Aditya can do it now as well. Aditya recalls Imlie’s words that he won’t hurt Malini. Aditya was about apply vermilion but children bump into Aditya.

The vermilion box falls down. It falls on Imlie instead. Malini gets upset. Imlie says she will put colors on Malini. Malini says she wanted her husband will first apply colors on her but now she doesn’t want to play Holi. Aditya asks why Malini didn’t tell him about this before. Malini says it was a surprise. Tripathis tell Imlie that she won’t leave the house like this in future. Anu tells Malini Aditya seems really happy with Imlie’s arrival. Harish teases lmlie saying from now he likes Sundar only. Imlie says she will do everything in the house and Sundar will follow her orders. Aditya says Imlie won’t work here.

Precap- Sundar asks Imlie is she daughter in law of this house that she left her footsteps while entering the house. Anu throws water at the footsteps saying its a cheap red color not Aalta.

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