Imlie 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Aryan and Imlie choose to ignore their feelings for each other


Imlie 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan and Imlie going to find Chini. Aryan thinks how can she be so alone in an entire village. Imlie thinks nothing should happen to Chini. Chini sits inside a hut and cries recalling the harsh words of the villagers.

That person called Rajat who wants a job in Bhaskar Times comes in and notices her from behind. He thinks he will do what Malini wants else he won’t get a job in city. He pours kerosene there and sets the place on fire. Chini gets shocked seeing the fire and screams for help. Imlie and Aryan both hear her scream and they get inside the hut to save her. Due to smoke they can’t see each other.

Aryan throws a cloth on Chini for her safety and Imlie pours water on the fire. They hold Chini’s hands and take her out of the hut. After coming out of smoke they fall down by mistake. Imlie and Aryan ask if Chini is fine and they hear each other’s voices. They finally see each other and become speechless.

They get flashes of their past and their wedding, How they first met etc. In a dream sequence Aryan and Imlie hug each other blissfully. Aryan asks her she didn’t take care of herself. Imlie asks him he also didn’t do that and got injured a lot. Aryan scolds her for leaving him. He says he is stupid and senseless, why she listened to him when he told her to leave.

He regrets each and every moment now for that one decision. He then recalls that he lost Cheeku and says because of Imlie he lost him. Imlie says if she stayed with him, he would have asked her to prove her innocence every single day. She would have given test every day to prove that she is not responsible for her child’s death.

Which she was not ready to accept. He can also answer would he be able to hold her hand despite knowing everything? The dream ends and Aryan Imlie keep staring at each other. Chini smiles seeing them and says finally they met each other after searching for long.

Aryan says it means Imlie is the reporter. Imlie says this means Aryan came from Bhaskar Times. Chini gives the watch to Aryan which Imlie was holding. Chini takes the Sita Maiya’s idol from Aryan. Imlie gets up and says it’s time for Chini to take rest. She will talk to Aryan tomorrow.

Chini says she is not that tired, they can talk to which Imlie says if they spent five years without talking to each other then they can wait a bit longer. Malini thanks Rajat for teaching a lesson to Chini. She says atleast Chini is scared and she won’t create much problems for her now. Imlie check Chini’s wounds. Chini says if there’s any it can’t be hidden. Imlie says some pain can be inside heart and it can’t be shown but can be felt.

Chini asks her why she got emotional seeing Aryan. She adds how Aryan is her hero and saved her from Girish. She also helped one woman to get better by suggesting the remedy. She takes Malini’s name who was rude to her. Imlie worries thinking life is circle. Malini won’t leave them alone even after all these years. What if she learned about Chini’s identity.

Chini asks Imlie why she refused to talk to Aryan when she waited to meet him. Aryan thinks he couldn’t do anything seeing the reporter. But he doesn’t care whether Imlie married someone else or she is everything for Chini or not. Imlie scolds Chini for going to the hut and the latter reveals some villagers were troubling her and saying her father left her alone. She asks Imlie to reveal her father’s name.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan that she can’t take risk with the children of Pagdandiya. She cant listen to Aryan. Aryan says but now Police will take decision for her. She will be punished. Police arrests Imlie which shocks her.

The episode starts with Aryan eating food and Chini says why is he eating without her? He says if she wants she can eat too. He asks about the reporter to which she says the reporter is waiting for him in her house. He asks why is she waiting. She can come here to meet him as well.

Chini praises Imlie mentioning the things she does for her and for the village people. She cares a lot for everyone. He asks if the reporter is her mother. Chini replies she is like her mother and father both. Imlie looks at the children outside who are playing with toys. She thinks she will buy a toy for Chini too. She goes to take money but she says it’s not enough.

Imlie breaks her piggy bank and sees its still not enough to buy a toy for Chini. She gets emotional and says her poor status has defeated her today and she can’t even buy a toy for her daughter. What will she tell Chini now? She decides to ask for her salary from her boss.

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