Imlie 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Rudra learns about Imlie’s act


Imlie 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie asking Chini if she is hiding any secret. Chini asks her what does she mean by that? If she is trying to prove her a liar. Arto tells Chini to go to sleep. Imlie says soon Chini will get exposed as today she was about to reveal her wrong deed. Imlie hopes to get the job and she receives the mail where it’s written she got selected in the job interview. She gets delighted and dances out of joy as she is again a part of Bhaskar Times. Arto saves her from falling and they share an eye lock. He asks her why she is dancing?

She replies she didn’t dance during the wedding so she is doing it. She closes her laptop so that he doesn’t see the mail. He says she did wrong by dancing alone and not with him. They dance on Hawayein song. He compliments her saying she is a great dancer as well as a great life partner. He feels hesitant thinking she will leave him after getting back the memories. She says he can praise her as they will spend their lives together. He further shows her his dancing skills. Chini and Anu fume seeing them. Chini tells Anu that Imlie didn’t go to office but here she is dancing with Arto happily. It seems Imlie is provoking her to tell the truth to Arto. Chini asks Anu to give her some ideas to expose Imlie. She blames her luck and Anu says she should do something which will throw Imlie out of the house forever.

Arpita comes and scolds Anu for always giving wrong advise to Chini. Chini becomes a completely changed person with her. She never showed her right path since childhood. Anu says their purpose is to treat Chini badly. Arpita shuts her up saying she can take Chini away with her if she is so concerned. Chini tells Arpita not to take Anu’s words seriously. She needs to be here for Imlie. There Arto smiles thinking about Imlie and Devika teases him saying if he can’t get over Imlie then why is he not confessing his feelings to her? Arto says he is just being concerned for his friend. He wronged Imlie but still he is getting to spend time with her that’s more than enough. He cant demand anymore things.

Also she will leave after getting the memories back. Devika says though he hurt her earlier but now he can give her happiness which she deserves. Arto hides his emotions and says he doesn’t want to force Imlie to do anything. There Imlie laughs hearing from Sundar that Arpita got scared seeing a lizard. Divya tells Imlie to invite some guests for her kitty party. Imlie types an invitation text in Hindi and Kia makes fun of her. Kia types a text in short form to teach Imlie but the latter asks her if she doesn’t know the spelling of the words so she is typing in short forms. Kia gets offended and Imlie says she writes better than Kia. Kia leaves angrily and later Imlie serves tea to Rudra and the latter is pleased seeing her concern.

Chini acts like scolding the person who is the reason behind the hot air balloon accident. She says how dare he tries to hurt her sister. Imlie mistakenly reveals the accident matter in detail. Arto also hears that and Imlie realises what she has done. Chini asks her how can she remember the minute details of the accident as it happened some days ago only. Imlie stammers and Chini thinks today she will expose the latter for sure. Shivani also demands answers from Imlie.

Rudra intervenes and lies to everyone that he told Imlie about the hot air balloon accident as she saw a photo of her and Arto. He told her that she got married months ago and she went to the event where she got into trouble because of the mishap. That’s why lmlie has idea about it. He tells Shivani she shouldn’t have questioned Imlie like that. Chini pretends like she was happy thinking Imlie got back her memories. Later Rudra scolds Imlie for being a liar. He says she betrayed all of them and it’s not forgivable. Imlie feels guilty.

Episode ends

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