Imlie 30th March 2021 Written Update: Prakash gets shocked hearing that Malini is Aditya’s wife


Imlie 30th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya thinking he did injustice to Malini. She loves him so much but he didn’t inform her anything. Malini seeing him gets happy and hugs him as well. Aditya tells her to take rest. Dev’s mom asks him where did he go? Dev asks you haven’t called as well Malini was really worried for you. Her health was not good. Aditya thinks just like Dev can’t reveal where he went , he too can’t reveal where he went. But he can’t lie also as Malini knows the truth.

Anu starts questioning Aditya saying tell the truth, where have you gone that your phone was switched off. Aditya thinks its better that he doesn’t speak anything. Dev, his mom and Anu leave. Aditya asks Malini why she didn’t take care of her. Malini says sometimes we need somebody who’ll take care of us. She asks him about his trip. Aditya says you know that I was not gone for any professional work. You don’t want to ask anything? Malini says I know you are very honest person. I was angry but seeing you I forgot everything.

One thing I understood that the difference between us increased. We are not like before. You are here but your mind is not here. Will the issue get solved between us ever? Aditya thinks he was in dilemma for so long. He never felt the same thing with Malini which he felt with Imlie. He decides to tell her the truth. But Anu interferes saying she doesn’t want Aditya to take Malini with him. He doesn’t deserve her. Malini says she has to talk to Aditya privately to solve the complications. What Aditya is feeling she has to know. Its not the same Aditya she used to love.

Aditya reaches Tripathi house with Malini. Everyone gets happy and ask did Aditya say sorry to her or not? Else he needs to do it in front of everyone. Malini says its okay I forgave him. Aditya apologizes to her once again. Aparna and Nidhi say they have made all the favorite dishes for Malini. Aditya thinks his family missed Malini when she wasn’t here for one day but everyone forgot Imlie so easily. Malini notices him.

Imlie wants Prakash’s phone to call Aditya. Aditya says who is calling me from this unknown number. He picks up the call. Imlie says She thought she won’t talk to him anymore. But she can’t stop herself from calling him. Aditya talks less as he is with Malini. Malini thinks why Aditya is talking with an unknown person.

Imlie asks has he reached safely? She thinks maybe he is with Malini so he doesn’t want to talk to her. Aditya wants Imlie to talk more. He says I was also waiting to hear your voice. Medicine falls from his hands. Imlie cuts the call and gets upset. Malini tells Aditya to give her the medicine saying from now she will take care of herself. Aditya won’t be with her always.

Imlie informs Meethi she will go to Delhi soon to take admission in college. Meethi says her in laws will be happy as well. Imlie thinks she won’t stay with Aditya there. She will concentrate on her studies only.

Malini thinks she has to know what Aditya is hiding. She calls back on Prakash’s number. Prakash picks up the call and gets to know that Malini is Aditya’s wife. Prakash gets shocked. Malini feels she did wrong by doubting Aditya. She tried to get close to him but Aditya wakes up and tells her to sleep. Aditya thinks he is stuck in the situation badly. How will he reveal to Malini that Imlie is her sister and he love her.

Prakash asks Imlie who is Malini? He says it seemed Malini was not lying What is Imlie hiding? Imlie gets shock.

precap- Imlie reveals to Prakash Aditya’s wife is Malini.

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