Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Arto refuses to make a false announcement of his relationship with Chini


Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto explaining about his friendship with Imlie happily. Abhishek says Arto got his best friend already. Wish he could find the friend in Chini too. He advises Arto not to lose Imlie as he can’t get a friend like her. Arto says everyone is sure about their choice except him. Imlie searches for Abhishek tell him Chini’s truth.

Chini comes to Arto and starts her acting that why he ruined their special moment? Why he brought Imlie and the vermilion fell on her instead of Chini. Arto says she has gone mad, he is already confused and she forces him to tell everyone the fact that he only loves Chini. Arto says he cant do that but Chini says she can’t stay without him anymore so he has to take the step. Chini snatches his phone and sends text to all the family members except Imlie else she would have ruined her plan. Everyone comes to hall and Imlie wonders why are they here? If Chini again executed a plan. Everyone thinks why Arto called them urgently.

Chini thinks Arto will make their relationship official and will accept her finally. Arto suddenly starts singing rap song and Bhulbhulaiyan song plays in background. Imlie asks him if he wants to tell this to everyone? Arto tells her to dance. Abhishek dances with Chini when the latter gets pissed. Imlie thinks she will reveal Chini’s truth to someone without wasting time. She goes to Rupy but due to loud sound the latter can’t hear anything. Abhishek takes Imlie aside and the latter says she doesn’t want to interfere in his personal life but she knows how soft hearted he is. Thats why she wants to tell him the truth, Abhishek says he is in love and he needs Chini’s support not Imlie’s advise. He tells Imlie not to overthink and he will solve all the complications. He leaves and Imlie says Chini is selfish and Abhishek should understand that. She says she won’t let Chini ruin Arto’s life.

Chini questions Arto why he didn’t tell the truth to everyone? He says she didn’t value him when he was loving her. Now she wants to love him and she wants him to hurt his family by telling the truth without any warning. Chini says that’s love and he only wanted to tell the truth to everyone at one point then why he wants to delay? He says he feels they should not patch up. He got signal from God for him and Imlie.

Chini keeps her hand on his mouth saying he should not utter all these to hurt her more. She is forcibly spending time with Abhishek, she doesn’t like to see him with Imlie still he wants to break her heart. Arto apologises to her saying he can help her but he can’t love her like before. She says he should trust their love, she says at cocktail party she will spend time with him instead of Abhishek. Arto says what their family will think? She says she wants to focus on themselves not on their family.

Chini taunts lmlie next day and the latter says she will keep warning Arto about Chini’s moves. She also says Chini wont succeed in her motive like how yesterday vermilion didn’t fall on her. Chini says may rituals are yet to happen and Imlie can’t imagine what she is planning. Imlie leaves ignoring her. Imlie gets tired after lot of work and she notices the card of cocktail party theme.

She sees Pagdandiya is written. She says Chini hates village life then why she chose this theme. She tries to ask Arpita and Rupy but they are busy doing the preparations. Shivani again warns someone over call and Imlie asks her if something is wrong. Shivani says Imlie cant solve anything so she should leave. Imlie asks Ginni about the party theme and the latter asks her to wear formal suit. Chini acts like talking to someone that she was in Pagdandiya in childhood so she wants to relish the memories. Imlie overhears that and leaves. Chini smirks saying today Imlie will feel stupid at the party. She fooled her finally.

Episode ends

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