Imlie 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Imlie uncovers her truth to Chini


Imlie 3rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with lmlie asking Rudra how he got to know she didn’t lose her memory. Rudra says she made the same kind of tea for him which doctor suggested him. He fell sick after Imlie and Arto’s wedding that’s why he thought Imlie is acting. Rudra acts like he is disappointed with Imlie, she feels guilty. He says she should have told him the truth and he surely would have encouraged her. Lying is justified when it’s done for a good purpose. He never trusted Chini that she can change. He says from now on he will help her to execute the plan and Imlie is not alone. Imlie hugs him and gets emotional. Arpita and Sundar scold Chini for her behaviour towards Imlie as they are trying to become her support, they are not trying to emotionally hurt her. Chini says her intention was not wrong she only said what came in her mind. Arpita tells her to discuss with them what she is planning to do in future.

Kia also warns Chini to not play such tricks else she will be thrown out of the house instead of Imlie. Kia says she believes Imlie is not lying so Chini should focus on getting her out of the house by making a solid plan. She should not waste time behind proving Imlie is a liar or not. Chini decides to fit a camera in Imlie’s room to record her reality.

She says Imlie cant act in front of the hidden camera. She hides immediately seeing Arto is entering the room. He was about to catch her but for some reason he stops and leaves the room. Chini thinks why Arto brought a diary with him. She decides to read it. Later Arto requests Imlie to write down her suppressed thoughts in the diary. Pen has a power and as Chini troubles her always she should vent out all her frustration. He adds he also gets pissed many a times seeing her in pain. Imlie asks him why he trusts her fully, he says he knows she can never do something wrong or hide things from him. Even if she does it will be for his own good. She accepts the diary and starts writing in it. Arto and Imlie share a fun talk and Chini keeps eyes on them through camera. She thinks when Arto will come to know about Imlie’s lies she will give him support.

There Rudra scolds Akash and Divya’s husband for not taking care of the transaction of their business accounts. Fifty lakhs are missing from there. Akash says he will handle but Rudra says his son is the real fraud then how will he blame others. Chini gets shocked seeing Imlie’s possessed acting in the laptop. Imlie recites a poem which proves she lied about her health. Chini is about to record her confession but Imlie comes to her room.

Imlie shocks her saying if the latter is recording something. Imlie and Chini come face to face and Chini says she will expose the latter soon. Imlie says the game is getting boring. They always try to expose each other but this time they should do something different. Imlie says they will expose their own truths in front of everyone. Chini agrees and says she also doesn’t want to become vamp for two families. She and Imlie shake hands. Chini thinks everyone expects lies from her so Imlie will get trapped not she. Imlie says she lied to all for a good reason and hope she gets understood. Chini tells Imlie that she wants to tell the truth to Arto not in front of all members. Imlie asks her if the latter got scared. Chini thinks she has better plan.

Precap- Imlie shows the suicide drama video to Chini and the latter says she won’t let Imlie show it to Arto. She snatches the phone from Imlie and pushes her from the balcony. Imlie holds her hand.

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