Imlie 4th March 2023 Written Update: Chini exposes Imlie in front of Ranas


Imlie 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling Imlie that she will tell the truth to Arto first as Imlie might take advantage of his absence. Imlie is about to talk to Arto but Shivani tells him to take her to temple. Chini tells Imlie that its her choice to reveal the truth to Arto. Rudra shouts at Akash and decides to file police complaint to find out where did the fifty lakhs go? He says employees could have gotten bonus with this huge amount. Akash tells him to relax saying he will look into the matter. Imlie overhears their conversation and thinks Rudra will fall sick if he keeps worrying. Kia tells Imlie not to poke her nose in others’ issues.

Imlie finds Chini is writing something. Chini reveals she confessed her truth by writing it down. So that Imlie can’t manipulate Arto by her emotional drama so she won’t tell him the truth verbally. Imlie thinks now she should also gather courage to write the truth. There Arto asks Shivani why she decided to come to temple? She says it was her wish to spend time with her family because not everyone has special friends. Priest tells them to take rounds of a Banyan tree barefoot so their wishes come true. Arto criticises it saying it’s superstitious. How does the tree know that they are barefoot or not. Priest tells him that it depends on his belief and devotion.

Later Arto realises he should pray for Imlie. He starts taking round of the tree and apologises to Imlie for always hurting her. He adds she changed him and there Imlie writes that she became liar because of the circumstances. She did it for Arto’s good and she has to leave him one day so she will accept his hatred as well. She pens down everything she has done and gets emotional. Arto prays to God that it would be difficult for him to live without Imlie’s presence. He wishes that Imlie will remain his friend. He falters after constantly taking rounds of the tree. His feet gets injured. Shivani holds him and asks him why he is doing all this for Imlie?

Chini asks Imlie to show her letter. Imlie says she won’t betray anyone anymore so Chini should trust her as she only wrote her confession. Chini says finally both sisters will break their families’ trust. She wont have to bear the hatred alone. Devika calls out Rudra and everyone gets shocked seeing Arto’s injury. Arto tells them to relax as he is fine. Imlie and Chini go downstairs hurriedly to see Arto. Imlie drops her letter by mistake and Chini picks it up. She sends it to Arto and the latter reads it. He says it’s his stupidity that he accepted a betrayer as his friend. Imlie never lost her memories and it’s written in the letter that she lied to everyone. Rana’s get stunned hearing the truth. Imlie says Chini lied to them as well. Chini flips and says only Imlie is the liar and she warned them beforehand. Imlie is telling the truth now for some hidden reason for sure.

Episode ends

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