Imlie 4th May 2021 Written Update : Malini tells Anu not to badmouth Imlie


Imlie 4th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie packing her bag. Sundar says to her why you agreed so easily when you dont want to stay in Anu’s house. Why didn’t you raise your voice. Imlie says they are my family. I should not question them. Sundar says if they are your family. They shouldn’t have told you to leave so easily. Rupy comes and tells Imlie she won’t leave until Aditya comes.

Imlie says she doesn’t want to involve him in this mess. Imlie says I love Malini and I want her happiness. Rupy gets upset and says if you can’t fight for yourself noone can fight for you. Imlie tells her not to become upset. She says I am leaving you won’t say me bye?

Aparna tells Anu please take care of Imlie. She is like our daughter. Anu says considering a maid as daughter is itself a mistake. But don’t you worry we’ll treat her better. Dev says if Anu has some other motive she can tell beforehand. Pankaj says if Imlie will stay happy in Malini’s house we have no issue else she has other place to go. Harish says why other place, she can stay in Tripathi house.

Dev says he will give father’s love to Imlie. Imlie takes blessings from everyone. They give Imlie good bye hug. Imlie cries hugging Rupy. Rupy says call me whenever you want. Anu says we should leave before Malini comes. Imlie leaves.

Aditya buys jalebis for Tripathis. Malini thinks its for her. Aditya says street food is not allowed for Malini. Aparna brings aarti thali for Malini and Aditya. Malini asks Aditya says why Imlie didn’t welcome me yet. Adiya feels Imlie was very happy for Malini’s return then where is she.

Dev’s mom comes with Aarti thali to welcome Imlie. Anu throws it and says to Dev your daughter committed suicide for this maid and you want to welcome her? Dev says Anu won’t change. He tells Imlie to ignore her and is about to show the guest room to Imlie but Anu says guests visit here all the time. Imlie will stay in store room. Imlie agrees and says she doesn’t have problem with it.

One servant behaves rudely Imlie and Dev warns him not to misbehave with her. Anu also warns Imlie saying you wont come between me and Dev. Imlie tells Sita Maiya to give her strength to hear all the taunts of Anu. She should not be broken.

Tripathis tell Malini they will take care of her properly. Malini looks for Imlie. But they avoid speaking about Imlie. Nishant gives two tickets of Kerala to Malini and Aditya for their honeymoon. Malini says she won’t get holiday as she already took many leaves from work. Aditya asks about Imlie to Sundar. Rupy tells, Tripathis sent Imlie to Malini’s house. Aparna says Dev was insisting so they couldn’t refuse. Aditya tells you didn’t ask her if Imlie wants to go or not.

Malini thinks Imlie left because of her. Imlie shouldn’t have sacrificed her happiness when Malini is a guest only in Tripathi house. Malini goes to her room and recalls her moments with Aditya. Anu calls Malini. Malini tells her not to badmouth Imlie in her house.

Anu gives fake assurance to her saying Imlie is getting all the facilities here. She asks why Malini cares for Imlie still when she is the reason behind Malini’s suicide. Anu says I only care for my daughter and I don’t mind if people call me wrong. Dev stays quiet as he doesn’t want to create problem for Malini.

Aditya gets worried for Imlie thinking Anu will vent her fury on Imlie and he can’t even contact Imlie. Imlie didn’t give him the right. Aditya feels he can’t hurt Malini as well. Aditya later tries to call Imlie but Pankaj comes and says Malini needs Aditya the most right now. He should spend some time with her. They will handle Imlie’s matter. Aditya thinks he will support Malini as a friend only.

Before going to his room Aditya calls on the landline number. Anu picks it up and Adiya cuts the call without telling anything. Aditya says he can’t stay quiet without knowing how is Imlie. He again calls and Imlie receives it. Anu tries to overhear their conversation from other landline phone.

Precap– Anu sees Aditya and Imlie together going on bike.

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