Imlie 5th August 2021 Written Update: Aparna accuses Imlie of pushing Malini to death


Imlie 5th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini asking for Anu’s help but the latter doesn’t budge. Malini falls unconscious. Anu sits beside her and says she couldn’t let Malini suffer like this. That’s why she did it. Anu says she will destroy Imlie and Aditya’s married life. Aditya closes the window and there Anu calls on the landline number. Aparna picks it up and gets shocked knowing Malini committed suicide. Aditya says he will go to the hospital. Imlie is about to leave with him but Aparna stops her. Aparna says Imlie won’t trouble Malini there anymore, she is already depressed because Imlie snatched everything from her.

Doctor scolds Malini for attempting suicide again when last time she promised she won’t do it again. Malini gets confused and she asks Anu why did she do that to her. Anu tells Doctor she wants to talk to Malini alone. Doctor leaves. Malini questions Anu what was she trying to do. Anu says last time Malini made things easier for Aditya and Imlie by lying but this time Aditya will take good care of Malini because she won’t lie. Malini says Aditya won’t love her again. He only loves Imlie.

Aditya asks for Malini to the doctor. He says he and Malini filed divorce. Doctor says Aditya is the reason why Malini is in depression, instead of treating her well he is not at all worried for her. He has no right to meet her. Aditya tells him without knowing the truth don’t blame me. A woman’s life doesnt hover around her husband. They can have other issues too.

Imlie pleads Aparna to allow her to meet Malini. But Aparna calls her Sautan who is responsible for Malini’s poor condition. Pankaj takes stand for Imlie that she is thinking about Malini only from the start why will she think bad about her. Nishant tells them to pray for Malini instead of blaming Imlie.

Anu manipulates Malini saying she only left Aditya’s house so that Imlie gets a happy life but this time she has to fight for her love. Aditya is confused between kindness and love. Malini has to remind him of his previous love for her. She can make Aditya realise for sure. Malini says she can’t make her place in Aditya’s heart again. Anu convinces her. Aditya comes in and asks Malini why did she do it again. Did she and Kunal argue with each other. Anu says don’t put the blame on others. You are responsible. Aditya tells her not to interfere, she has problem with him always. Aditya says Suicide is not the solution why Malini is not getting it. Malini says she was really alone.

Pallavi says Malini has always been supportive towards Aditya and Imlie, she can’t commit suicide. Aparna and Radha again accuse Imlie and tell her to leave Aditya forever. Imlie gets disheartened. Nishant calls Aditya and asks why did Malini attempt suicide? Everyone is blaming Imlie in the house.

Aditya says he wants to talk to Imlie. Imlie takes the phone but Anu suddenly acts like scolding Malini. She calls Malini stupid and senseless. Aditya disconnects the call and Imlie gets worried. Anu tells Aditya who will make Malini understand that Aditya doesn’t love her anymore. Malini is doing stupid things and being adamant. Aditya shuts Anu up saying she is really a bad mother. Anu replies she can’t handle Malini’s madness anymore. Aditya can take her to his house. He can cure her. Aditya stays quiet. Anu says she gave up and leaves.

Precap – Aditya brings Malini home. Tripathis gets surprised to see that.

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