Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Update: Malini’s arrival in Pagdandiya shocks Imlie and Aryan


Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with those villagers throwing away Chini and Aryan saves her. Imlie feels relieved seeing that. One of the villagers comes to warn Aryan but he punches him. Other men apologise to Imlie and leave in fear. Chini says she knew Aryan will come to their rescue.

Aryan gifts a whole new shop to Chini and names it as Chini ki Dukan. Everyone gets surprised seeing that. Aryan says now Chini take take anything she wants from here. Chini hugs him and thanks him. Imlie says this shop doesnt belong to her so she won’t take anything from here.

Imlie slips by mistake and gets close to Aryan. Imlie says Aryan just came here to take advantage of her poor situation. He is showing ego and he wants her to worship him now. He is not even giving her salary but trying to become hero. Aryan says she is also showing ego and he is doing exactly what she said, she can’t do anything.

Malini arrives in the village shockingly and Chini stops her from going to Aryan and Imlie. Chini says when two people are talking, third person should not interfere. Malini makes fun of her height and also scolds her for not respecting elders.

Chini says Malini doesn’t know manners. They both recognise each other and Maini says Chini is the one who picked Aryan’s phone. Chini says Malini must have lost all her loved ones as she is rude. Imlie panics thinking what if Malini learns that Chini is her daughter only. Imlie and Aryan both speak up against Malini.

Aryan says Malini came to Pagdandiya in order to fulfil her hobby that is to insult Imlie. She should atleast talk nicely with children. Malini thinks Chini should not play the role of cupid between Aryan and Imlie. She says Chini was talking nonsense that’s why she reacted that way. She taunts Imlie saying the latter is so alone that she is raising another unnamed kid who can be a mistake of a rich man.

Imlie and Aryan both shut her up. Chini asks who is Malini. Imlie lifts her up and thinks she can never tell her that Malini is her mother but she has to protect Chini from Malini at any cost. Malini tells she came to know that Aryan bought News company in Pagdandiya and since she is his 50% business partner so he needs her signature. Aryan says she doesn’t need to come here for that. Imlie leaves.

Anu brings sweets in Rathore Mansion and Nila Preeta ask her what’s the occasion, is it for Malini’s third marriage? Anu and Nila taunt each other saying Aryan never gave attention to neither Malini not Preeta. Anu reveals Aryan and Malini bought a news company in Pagdandiya and for that reason she brought sweets. Arpita says that’s not something big. They do it frequently.

Chini talks to Meethi about how Aryan appeared as hero and fought with the villagers for her. Imlie tells her not to give him much attention. Chini talks about rude Malini and Imlie says no matter what Malini says to her, she won’t use bad languages for her.

Meethi wonders who Chini is talking about ? Imlie diverts the topic. Chini says if Imlie promises to behave polietly with Aryan then she will also nicely with Malini. Later Chini practices speech for the speech competition in her school tomorrow. Imlie thinks Rathores are her past and she will make sure they won’t cause any trouble to Chini.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan that she can’t take risk with the children of Pagdandiya. She cant listen to Aryan. Aryan says but now Police will take decision for her. She will be punished. Police arrests Imlie which shocks her.

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie that she should not play with fire. She says she is fire herself. Aryan leaves saying he will make sure Imlie loses this time. Imlie thinks she will become like a mountain and Aryan will not be able to break it. Malini tries to see her phone but Anu tells her to focus on the puja.

Malini tries to take her phone from Anu but in that process her phone falls in the hawan fire. Malini gets angry and Anu apologises to her. Imlie and Aryan try to sleep at night. They start missing each other. Their flashbacks are shown. ( Tujhe Bhula Diya plays in background) They both get emotional. Chini wakes up and hugs Imlie. Imlie makes her lay in bed.

Meethi combs Chini’s hair and the latter says she wants to eat something tasty, Imlie asks her what does she want to eat? Chini says she wants to eat pizza and those things which Aryan brought for her. Imlie says those are junk food and Meethi tells her to fulfil Chini’s wish. Chini teases Imlie. Malini scolds Anu for her phone damage.

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