Imlie 5th March 2023 Written Update: Arto demands explanations from Imlie for her betrayal


Imlie 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling everyone that Imlie is telling truth now and she has a hidden reason for sure. Chini says she warned them before as well but they didn’t listen to her. She was here to take care of her but she had no idea about her plan. Imlie says Chini is hiding the truth as well but the latter says she won’t take the blame upon herself as Imlie is at fault this time.

Arto gets furious at Imlie for her lies. Rudra tries to explain to him but Arto doesn’t listen to him. Arto asks Imlie why she betrayed him? Just to take revenge? He made a mistake by accepting her as his friend. He wanted her to recover and everyone in this house believed her. He asks Imlie she should answer in yes or no if she did the memory loss drama or not. Imlie replies yes and he gets heartbroken hearing that. Imlie holds his hand and tries to give explanation but he says he cant handle this truth. Why she did that? He says Rudra is ready to defend her always, Devika also arranged all the rituals for her but she cheated everyone. He can’t stand properly due to his feet injury and he adds even Sita Maiya will not forgive Imlie for her act.

Chini thinks soon she will become the daughter in law of the Rana House. Later Anu comes to share the happiness with Chini. She says Chini made Malini proud today. Chini says Imlie is a fool to believe in her words that she will reveal her own truth which will never happen. Imlie comes to her room and asks Chini why she didn’t tell anyone the truth? Chini says she is a stupid that’s why she trusted in her. Now she may leave. Imlie leaves upset and there Imlie bumps into Arto. She tries to talk to him but he says he controlled his anger after a lot of struggle so now she should not anger him more. She will insult him which she won’t be able to tolerate.

Anu gives an idea to Chini to trap Arto by taking advantage of his broken heart. Later Arto drives the car at full speed and recalls Imlie’s betrayal. He stops the car in intoxicated state and Chini comes to help him. Chini takes him to a godown at late night. She makes him lay and some men ask them to open the door. Chini does so and she comes out with Arto. The men and women out there start doubting their characters. Anu also questions them in disguise. They ask what were they doing in godown at this time? If he will marry her? Arto takes the decision of marrying Chini at heat of the moment and says he will marry her to hurt Imlie more. He will be happy with her and they should inform this to their families. Chini acts like he should not take the decision but then she agrees to marry him. At Rana house Rudra questions Arto why he is taking this step? Arto replies he is not guilty for his decision and he won’t change it too. He will marry Chini, Shivani tells tImlie that Arto is getting married to Chini which shocks her.

Episode ends

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