Imlie 5th November 2022 Written Update: Chini brings present for Atharv at his reception


Imlie 5th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Arto asking Imlie what she has made? Divya says Imlie must have made the thick rotis for dogs, as they can’t chew it, it will affect their health. Rudra asks her not to embarrass Imlie like that. Imlie assures everyone that she made it for the ritual and it won’t affect their health. She requests Arto to eat it. Arto says he cant decide to do things on his own, someone else decides that for him.

Rudra thinks he insulted Imlie and Imlie feels he is not eating her food. He starts eating chillies to punish himself. Everyone gets shocked. Imlie feeds him rotis to give him relief. He likes the taste of the moti roti and apologises to Imlie for judging it without tasting. Everyone teases him saying Imlie has started understanding him. Other members also taste the rotis and praise Imlie.

Kia and Divya go to give an expensive saree to Imlie for her reception and discuss that Rudra didn’t gift such things to them. Imlie sees her mother’s saree and decides to wear that for her reception, it will make her feel like she is close to her mother in her absence. Divya gives her the saree saying she will wear this saree worth 5 lakh. Instead of that cheap saree. Imlie needs to think of Rana’s reputation as people will start gossiping if she doesn’t wear this. Arto comes and says they can’t force their opinion on Imlie. It should be her right to wear anything she wants. They should give her the freedom. Kia tells Imlie to get ready.

Imlie gets impressed and there Sundar and Arpita pack gifts for Imlie. Sundar flirts with Arpita, the latter tells him to focus on work. Chini tells Arpita that she doesn’t want to attend the reception but later she gets ready to go there. Rupy cautions her not to create any trouble at the party. Chini says yes. Guests come to the party and notice Arto playing DJ. They taunt Rudra saying party is going on and the musician is also here. Imlie takes Arto’s side saying he worships music and she is lucky that her husband is presenting music for his family. Arto thanks Imlie for defending him as noone did that before. He appreciates that. Imlie says she respects his job and passion.

Chini sits in different car to go the reception but Rupy sits with her. At the party Imlie hugs Chini and the latter hides a present. Imlie asks if it’s for her. Chini goes to Arto and takes something out of the gift box. She tells everyone that she is giving Arto Prasad which he needs the most right now. The Prasad falls down by mistake as Arto moves his hand. Imlie picks it up and feeds it to him. Chini gets jealous seeing that.

Episode ends

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