Imlie 5th October 2022 Written Update: Atharv comes to talk to Chini at midnight


Imlie 5th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani giving advise to Atharv and Imlie that loveless marriage never works out. They are looking good together. Anu asks Chini that why Shivani looks upset. Chini says she can’t understand what’s the matter. She notices Atharv’s face and wonders why he is giving looks as if he is heartbroken. Atharv wonders why Imlie got engaged to him despite knowing he loves Chini.

Maybe she didn’t get his text else he would have exchanged the ring with Chini. Chini overhears Atharv loves her. She goes to him and asks why didn’t he tell her before? She tells him to propose her in special style. Imlie recites a poem and she imagines Atharv is coming towards her.

Atharv compliments her look and says when they are together magic gets created automatically. He says she is looking the prettiest. They dance together and Imlie says she can’t believe he chose her. Rupy teases her for dancing alone and for blushing. Imlie says she was dreaming. She hugs Rupy. Atharv dances with Chini in a dream sequence and says he knows everyone will be upset with his decision but he will marry Chini only. Chini disappears and Atharv says he has to talk to his family and Imlie.

Imlie’s family looks at the gifts which she received. Narmada says Imlie is her responsibility and soon her burden will be less, she is happy for that. Chini sees the expensive gifts and shows them to Imlie. She says can she keep some gifts as there are many. Rupy tells Chini not to touch Imlie’s shagun. Imlie feels Atharv’s aunt looked unhappy. Sundar says that doesn’t matter, Rudra brought the proposal and everything will be fine. Chini gets Atharv’s call and wonders he called her. He says he will talk to her in person. He has some urgent things to say. Imlie asks Chini what happened to which Chini replies she has no idea.

Rudra looks worried and he shares with Devika that he couldn’t understand Atharv’s behaviour the why he was looking at Imlie. He says Chini doesn’t look genuine. Devika says she is Imlie’s sister, Chini loves her. Rudra says she is thinking from Imlie’s perspective but he feels something is wrong with Chini. Atharv already loves her and Chini might separate him and Imlie easily in future. He decides to do something.

Chini wakes up and goes to meet Atharv. Imlie asks her where is she going? She says she is going to drink water. Chini asks Atharv why the latter is making her life complicated. He says why she is acting like a fool. If he came here at midnight to meet her instead of meeting his fiance, then what might be the reason? Chini says she knows he doesn’t like Imlie but he has to find a way to tell his family about it. She is about to leave but he holds her hand and stops her.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Chini saying if she got married to Atharv, she would have changed her life completely. She overhears what Atharv is saying. He says he will tell the truth to Imlie and now it’s upto her she wants to marry him or not. Atharv leaves and Kia taunts Chini for overhearing the talk. She calls her classless. Chini says but they don’t have basic manners which is why they are making the guests wait.

Akash tells Kia that Rudra will choose Imlie for Atharv. Handling her would be easier than manipulating Chini. Atharv feels if Chini has no feelings for him then he has to deal with his heartbreak. But he will make sure three lives don’t get destroyed. Imlie prays to God. One garland catches fire and Imlie tries to save it and her hand gets burnt. She tells her family she is fine. She starts singing Bhajan and Atharv thinks how to talk to her alone.

He finds no choice but sending her a text saying he can’t marry her and there was a confusion so he thought he is going to marry Chini. He requests Imlie to tell Chini he loves her. He says if Chini says yes that she will come in front of all wearing an yellow saree. He keeps the box on a desk and Chini notices that.

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