Imlie 6th March 2023 Written Update: Arto and Imlie join hands to expose Chini’s true colors


Imlie 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto telling Imlie that she should not leave right now. But she should wait for his wedding with Chini. After attending she may leave. When everyone is doing things as per their wish then he would do the same. Rupy asks him reconsider his decision but he says his decision is final and he won’t change it. Imlie looks disheartened and there Akash worries for the fact that how would he answer Rudra that he spent 50 lakhs behind Kia. Kia tells him to relax and she suddenly stops Rudra who was passing by. She asks him to talk to Akash about the money matter to which Rudra says they should not talk about money in this situation. Akash thanks Kia for her cunning move. Chini bakes a burnt cake for Imlie to taunt her. Rupy comes to talk to her and asks if Arto is taking decision at heat of the moment. Because some days ago things were different. Chini says Arto took this decision wisely. Rupy should not worry.

Chini taunts Imlie and says after few days the latter will be left alone forever. She made this congratulatory cake for her. Imlie sheds tears and Arto comes there. He calls her amigo and asks her about her further plan execution. In flashback it was shown how he put on an act by scolding Imlie to fool Chini. He says Chini is not the only actor but they can act too. Imlie smiles and thanks him. He says he needs her in his life.

She calls Rudra inside and says he is with them too. Rudra teases Arto for his acting in front of all. Later Rudra says they will not make any grand arrangements but will do everything in simple way. Chini says she loves shopping and she will go with Arto for that. Akash gives divorce papers to Arto saying now he and Imlie should sign it as he is going to marry Chini. Arto nods and Kia goes to give it to Imlie. Devika gets upset as because of Imlie’s one wrong move everything destroyed. Shivani says but Chini is Arto’s choice and they should have got married much earlier. Imlie was never suitable for him. Rudra stops Shivani and Devika from fighting.

Arto unwillingly compliments Chini when she tries clothes in the mall. She says she always looks the best in every attire. He fakes a smile and she shows him a perfume and says it’s nice. One old couple tells her to see his real reaction because it seems he is not happy. Chini tells them to mind their own business and misbehaves with them. She says Imlie used to lecture her like that but she is a liar too. Arto apologises to the couple and Chini says she is not sorry. Later Kia tells Imlie to sign the papers Arto sent. She starts her melodrama that why even she got married to Arto. She feels her life has no meaning now. She acts like crying and Kia feels strange. Imlie signs the papers at last and Kia gets happy. Kia gives the papers to Arto and the latter asks Imlie angrily why did she sign it?

Episode ends

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