Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Update: Malini feels insecure


Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie recalling Aditya and Malini’s hug. Imlie thinks she prays for Aditya and Malini’s happiness then why is she feeling upset now? Imlie controls her emotions. Dev comes to her. Imlie apologises to Dev saying she mistakenly came to his room. Dev asks why is she sad? Imlie shares her pain with Dev saying how will she try to stop herself from feeling something which she doesn’t want to feel. Dev says to Imlie that you can’t suppress your feelings. He gives Imlie courage to tell the truth. Dev shares his story saying Dev also lied and he is suffering for that. Imlie thinks Dev is right.

Anu tells Malini to play games with Aditya to know the truth. Malini comes under Anu’s influence. Malini tells Adiya she wants to stay back in her house tonight. Aditya agrees. Malini insists Imlie to stay back but Adiya says Imlie won’t stay here. She can’t skip to study. Imlie says she can stay here with Malini. Aditya shouts at Imlie saying Imlie will go back with him. Its his responsibility. Malini thinks Aditya doesnt care for her the way he is caring for Imlie. Malini gets upset. Aditya and Imlie get into the car. Seeing them Anu instigates Malini saying Aditya does have fear of losing Malini. Malini feels why Aditya is behaving like that.

Aditya and Imlie get stuck in traffic. On their way back, Aditya buys balloons and keeps it in car dicky. He tells Imlie tyre got punctured and then he surprises her with bunch of gifts. Imlie gets delighted and asks Aditya he doesnt need to do all these. Aditya tells Imlie he wants to talk to her. Adiya explains there’s nothing between him and Malini which he is hiding from Imlie. Aditya asks Imlie did she feel bad seeing Malini and him.

Aditya says he trusts his relationship with Imlie. He loves Imlie. Aditya says Malini is not happy with him as well. Imlie talks about Malini’s pain. Aditya reveals first time he realized that he never loved Malini. Aditya tells Imlie that Malini fell unconscious when he told Malini once about his marriage with Imlie. Aditya says Malini won’t be able to hear the truth.

Anu tells Malini to call on landline number to know Aditya reached home or not. Aparna asks Malini why is she not coming back with Aditya. Malini says “I’ll come tomorrow”. Aparna gets worried for Aditya and Malini’s relationship. Nishant tells Aparna not to worry. Nishant also feels the same thing what Aparna is feeling. Anu tells Malini that Aditya and Imlie didn’t reach home yet. What does that mean? Malini thinks where is Aditya.

Precap- Aditya tells Imlie to close her eyes and he applies vermilion on Imlie’s forehead. Imlie cries tears of joy. Imlie bumps into Malini. Malini notices vermilion on latter’s hairline.

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