Imlie 7th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie and Aryan bring an unnamed baby in their house


Imlie 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Aryan not to blame himself as she doesnt have any complaint against him. She loves him the most. Aryan says because of his stupidity he was about to lose her and their child. He feels guilty and hugs her tightly.

. They both get emotional and Imlie assures him that he is never going to lose her for any reason and neither he will lose another loved one in his family. He says I love you to her and their baby Cheeku as well. They share a romantic moment. They hug each other and he kisses her hand. They are about to leave but they find a baby girl is crying. Imlie holds her in her arms and wonders whose baby is this?

Aryan also says how can someone leave this baby here? Imlie says that should not happen just because she is a girl. She says Meethi fought with everyone to bring her into this world but this baby has noone who can love her. Aryan and Imlie both decide to take the baby to their house. They get happy and the baby smiles at them.

Narmada learns from Arpita and Sundar that Jyoti is the culprit and she did all the conspiracy. Narmada says she was acting to be nice and even tried to kill Imlie and abducted Aryan. She asks for Kairi and Sundar lies to her that Kairi went to her village in fear. Narmada wants to meet Imlie and the latter enters holding the baby.

In college, a village girl gets ready to take admission but one student tells her dress up well and wear make up. The girl asks but why they will focus on their dressing style instead of the admission? The student replies because their Dean likes well dressed sophisticated students and she is a single mother. Malini enters college and taunts the village girl. She tears her admission form.

The village girl asks why Malini did that? Malini says as the latter doesn’t deserve to take admission here. Malini judges her dressing sense saying she wants to gain sympathy wearing these old clothes. Malini says “you have brought some poor stuffs in your luggage with a God idol.” She recalls Imlie while saying all this.

Malini adds “how dare you think you can fulfil your dream when you belong to a village. You can’t create a name for youself here, you deserve to be there only. If you love your Village, you should have stayed there forever.” She shouts at the village girl and everyone gets scared. She says she will remain an illiterate no matter how much she studies.

Imlie reveals why she brought the unnamed baby here. Nila gets angry and says she brings all everyone in the house without any valid reason. Kairi, Harry, Jyoti they are the examples. Now what they will do with this baby who has no identity. Aryan shuts her up saying they only know how to help people selflessly and many extra people stay in the mansion. Nila feels insulted and leaves. Gudiya says Aryan is thinking wrong, right now this cute baby is the extra member they have. Imlie smiles at her.

Malini tells another teacher that she doesn’t want to take full leave after her delivery. She never seeks for sympathy which these village people do. She is a single mother and she wants to be an inspiration for her daughter. The other teacher says indeed she is an inspiration. Malini thinks she executed her plan and Imlie must have done the same which she thought.

Precap- some ladies snatch the baby girl from Narmada and leave the mansion. Imlie is lying unconscious somewhere and she gets up hearing the baby’s crying voice. Imlie rushes to see the baby and they leave in a car.

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