Imlie 7th March 2023 Written Update: Chini calls the media to announce her wedding with Arto


Imlie 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto asking Imlie why she signed the divorce papers? She says that’s a fake sign which she has done with an invisible ink. She shows an example to him and he gets surprised seeing that. He smiles saying he thought she is really leaving him. He then controls his emotions and adds it was her plan so she can’t leave without executing it. She says she knows that and she doesn’t want to leave them in midway. She says if he will feel guilty during the marriage rituals? He hugs her saying he is already in guilt after betraying Imlie so now he is with her to expose Chini. He won’t back out. She says she will collect the footage against Chini first. She leaves and bumps into Chini. Chini compliments herself saying Imlie should now cry in corner as she has no option left as Arto is marrying her. Chini hugs Imlie and it irks the latter.

Imlie and Arto keep the mattresses outside the house for their plan execution. He says if it will caution Chini. Imlie says this time they will not fail. She goes to balcony and talks to a person to get the fake suicide drama footage. She gets them and informs Arto. Arto says Imlie won finally and he goes to enjoy the function by dancing. Rudra thinks Arto is happy and it means they succeeded in their plan. There Chini comes to Imlie and says she got to know about her plan. Arto is not that smart how he looks. She says when she hugged Imlie she smelled the perfume which Arto gave Imlie after hugging. Chini says she also saw them both with the mattresses. So she informed Anu. Anu sets the mattresses on fire. Imlie tells Chini that Arto doesn’t want to marry her so she should not have hopes. Chini says their families don’t know that Arto doesn’t want to marry her. So she will continue to do the rituals.

Chini snatches the proof from Imlie and the pushes away the latter from the balcony. Arto saves her on time. Everyone asks Imlie why she fell off from the balcony? Chini lies to them saying after Imlie’s drama flopped she tried committing suicide. Everyone gets shocked and Imlie thinks she doesn’t have anything to prove that Chini is lying. Anu calls the cops to arrest Imlie as she tried self killing. Shivani says maybe Imlie will try to attempt suicide again so it’s better she goes under custody. Imlie leaves with the cops. Imlie tells the cops that she didn’t try to end her life but they don’t pay any heed.

There Chini happily applies mehendi on her hand and Kia tells her not to get over excited as Arto is not interested to marry her. Chini says Arto doesn’t know that she is aware of the truth so he can’t cancel the wedding. Kia tells her she is overconfident. Chini says she has back up plan for every situation. There Arto goes out and faces the media who throw questions at him saying why his wife tried to commit suicide? Why he is marrying her sister? Why Imlie is staying in the house if he doesn’t love her. He is about to reveal he won’t marry Chini but the latter arrives and reveals that Arto loves her and will marry her only. Imlie will not stay with them in future. They will get the proof of their true love soon. Arto thinks Chini even called the media to tell them about their wedding now he can’t cancel it.

Precap- Chini sits in mandap with Arto. Imlie stops the wedding and says she can do anything to save Arto from Chini as she loves her. Chini says she also made many plan to win him. Like how she made the chandelier fall on Imlie also she executed the suicide drama. Everyone gets shocked hearing Chini’s confession.

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