Imlie 8th April 2021 Written Update: Imlie connects her sorrow with Rubi


Imlie 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya telling Imlie we can’t a live a life like this. Its suffocating for me. Aditya says they have to hurt Malini for once, he can’t give Malini the happiness which she is expecting from Aditya. Aditya asks Imlie are you not in love with me? Imlie lies, Aditya says Imlie is lying , else why she did she draw a sketch of their wedding and why she got hurt seeing Malini and Aditya together. Imlie adamantly says she can’t hurt Malini’s feelings to stay happy. Aditya says then three of us will never become happy. Its just mockery of fate. Aditya drinks tea with Imlie.

Nishant asks why Aditya and Imlie are so late? Aditya gives excuse. Nishant asks what’s going on between Aditya and Malini. Why Aditya is not talking to Malini like before. Aditya says I can’t make things right like before. I am only supporting the girl whom destiny chose for me. Aditya gives example of Nishant’s relationship with Pallavi. Aditya asks kwhy Nishant got separated from Pallavi. Nishant says that was a different reason.

Anu talks to Malini that clearly visible Aditya was spending time with Imlie for three hours. What proof does Malini want more than this? The way Anu suffered she doesn’t want Malini to suffer like that. Dev’s mom stops Anu from instigating Malini. Anu leaves angrily. Dev’s mom says Malini always takes her life decision on her own. She doesn’t need to hear Anu’s words. Malini says Aditya has changed completely. He lied to his wife and family. Why he did that? Dev’ mom suggests Malini to think of planning baby with Aditya. Malini gets surprised. Dev’s mom says when Aditya and Malini will start worrying about another life, their own tension will go away. Malini nods.

Meethi meets Satyakam with Prakash. Prakash tells why Satyakam is in this place without informing anyone. Meethi apologises to Satyakam for slapping him when he was trying to kill Dev. Satyakam says he doesn’t want to ask about Imlie as he has no blood relation with Imlie. Meethi says why Satyakam is not talking to her? She will inform Imlie regarding this. Satyakam says if Meethi wants to inform Imlie, then she should tell Imlie the whole truth. Meethi gets shocked. Satyakam tells Prakash to take Meethi with him.

Rubi sings a song and expresses her sorrow through music. Everyone praises her voice and Imlie connects her sorrow with Rubi. She gets emotional. Aditya notices Imlie. Tripathis tell Rubi not to become sad. Imlie feels her condition is same like Rubi. Rubi thinks Imlie is feeling the same pain like hers. Imlie thinks Malini is also going through the same situation. Light goes off. Aparna tells Imlie to keep lighted candle in Aditya’s room. Imlie hesitates to go. She tells Sundar but Sundar refuses.

Aditya gets shocked seeing Imlie with the candle. Imlie was about to leave but Aditya holds her hand saying he is scared of darkness. Will she give him company. He gets close to Imlie. Imlie gets shy. Aditya sits with Imlie and asks why Imlie cried listening to Rubi’s voice. Imlie shares her thoughts that she will always remember the days which she spent with Aditya in Pagdandiya. But now its gone. Aditya feels upset and helpless. Imlie gives him courage to deal with the problems. Aditya holds her hand. Malini enters house in the meantime.

Precap- Malini thinks where is the vermilion container. Aditya applies vermilion on Imlie’s hairline. Malini sees Imlie.

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