Imlie 8th August 2022 Written Update: Malini tells the teacher to give a humiliating topic to Chini for speech


Imlie 8th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie to sign the apology letter so he will free her from the assignment and she can sit in the front row. Imlie writes Happy Bailbuddhi Dibas on the letter and she won’t apologise for something which she didn’t commit. Aryan says she has to pay for it, Imlie says she is ready to face the consequences. Host calls Chini on state for the speech. Malini recalls how she told the teacher to give a humiliating topic to Chini which is “Najayez”(illicit). She bribes the teacher and tells her to write the same topic in every chit. when Chini picks the chit she finds it hard to pronounce the word. Parents start gossiping about her that who gave a child such a topic and Aryan shuts them up. Chini cries and says she doesn’t want to say anything. Imlie goes on stage near Chini and makes her understand that her name Chini has many meanings so it depends on her perspective how she describes a word. Illicit can be used against wrong things in order to stop ill practices and bad habits.

Chini gets the idea and parents say that this is cheating, Imlie can’t help Chini like this. Aryan says if they didn’t create any scene, Imlie wouldn’t have helped her. Imlie comes down and Chini gives a positive speech using the word illicit and it sounds funny to the audience as well. Everyone claps for her approach and she finishes her speech. Imlie hugs Meethi saying Chini did a great job. She is about to hug Aryan by mistake but then she says sorry to him. He says it’s okay. Imlie focuses on recording the video. Malini notices all of that and gets irked. Chini receives the award and becomes first in the competition. She thanks Imlie for always supporting her and she wants to share the award with Imlie.

Aryan looks at Imlie and thinks if she was missing him she could have contacted him once. She thinks she taught Chini everything he taught her earlier. He allows her to go on stage as Chini needs him. Chini gets happy and Imlie hugs her. Later during laddoo distribution Malini signals Rajat and recalls how she told him to record the whole incident when the kids will fall sick after eating the rotten laddoos. She told the men to replace Imlie’s laddoos with those rotten ones. Kids start collapsing after eating them. The parents start panicking and Aryan calls many ambulances. Chini also falls unconscious and Imlie gets stressed for her. The kids are taken to the hospital by ambulance and some parents attack those men who brought the laddoos.

One of the men put the blame on Imlie that she brought the rotten motichoor laddoos. Imlie tells him not to lie. Malini arrives and says Imlie is lying and she brought the rotten laddoos because she wanted Chini to win the competition. She thought other kids will fall sick and Chini will win but the laddoos were distributed after the competition so her plan flopped. Parents decide to take Chini out of the ambulance thinking Imlie deserves this. Imlie and Meethi plead them not to treat Chini like that as she ate two laddoos unlike other kids.

Imlie asks Malini to help her and the latter says Imlie has to sign the apology letter if she wants to cure Chini. Imlie gets ready as nothing is more important than Chini’s health. She is about to sign it but Aryan arrives with car and tells Imlie to get inside the car with Chini. Chini gets admitted to the hospital and Parents try to attack Imlie saying she has hidden motive to harm people etc. Aryan stops them and says Imlie did wrong and he called the police to get her arrested. Imlie is shocked to hear that.

Precap- Chini gains conciousness and asks Aryan about Imlie. Aryan says Imlie went out for some work. Chini tells him not to lie as Imlie is surely in some trouble else she would’ve been here for her. She asks him where Imlie is. Aryan looks worried.

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