Imlie 8th January 2022 Written Update: Imlie worries for Aditya after the live feed goes blank


Imlie 8th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meethi scolding Dulari and other villagers. She sends them back. Aditya is about to take Meethi’s blessings but she says she won’t give him blessings. She doesn’t have relation with him now thus he may leave and do his job for which he came here. Aditya stays silent and leaves. Dulari scolds Meethi for not punishing Aditya as everytime a urban guy cheats on her and she doesn’t protest at all. She sould atleast stand up for her daughter.

Aditya meets a villager and asks him about Shanlal. He tells him to talk slowly and says the person who doesn’t pay respect to Shanlal he kills them. Aditya he is not scared of anyone but will take his interview for sure. Meethi informs Imlie that villagers are angry with Aditya, she is trying to protect in Satyakam’s absence.

Aditya fits the camera and says now he won’t chase the terrorist but will present their stories who have lost their loved ones. Imlie goes to ask a staff about Pagdandiya news feed editing. He says Aryan told him not to edit anything regarding it. Imlie asks Aryan why he is doing so, he should trust Aditya as he is interviewing the needy people right now. She shows him the video and says Aditya won’t fail in this work. Aryan says he runs a news company not a reality show. He says Aditya has to come within 24 hours. Imlie says she will. Aryan thinks Imlie’s hope will be finished.

Meethi gives food to Aditya and says she has nothing to say to him. Aditya learns he can interview terrorist now. He gives his watch to the messenger and says Imlie gave back this to him. Arpita invites Tripathis for launch party of Bhaskar Times. Malini talks to her and gets ready to attend the party to learn about where is Imlie. She worries for Aditya.

Aryan saves Imlie when someone mistakenly throws a duster. Imlie says they should see the live feed of Aditya. Aryan says if Aditya fails to interview the protestor in interesting way he will fail. Aryan says he thinks about profit only. The live feed starts. Aditya asks tough questions to the terrorists and the latter says he is not like Satyakam.

He threatens Aditya and the feed goes blank. Imlie thinks who the person is, if he is killing the innocent villagers. Dulari scolds Meethi for giving food to Aditya. Meethi says Aditya is here to help them, why can’t they help him. The villagers humiliate Meethi and Imlie. They try to hit Meethi when she raises voice. Dulari stops the men. Meethi cries and Dulari consoles her. Meethi says she is worried for Imlie and her respect.

Precap – Aditya faints after drinking alcohol.

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