Imlie 8th June 2022 Written Update: Imlie saves herself and the kids from the shootout


Imlie 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie meeting the kids at the spot. She talks to her senior that why Madhav didn’t come yet. He says Madhav will work from office. She talks to the kids who ask her different things like how she became a reporter and if not a reporter then what would she choose to become? They call her funny etc. Imlie gets delighted and says she would have chosen to be an actor if not a reporter. She imitates superstars and the kids guess their names.

Harry observes her from behind the tree and gets nervous thinking how will he shoot Imlie now. He panics and Jyoti says if he fails to do that then he will never get rid of her. At first she will get rid of Imlie then only she will free Harry. Harry starts firing randomly and Imlie protects herself and the kids behind a big poster like painting. She tells them that they should not be afraid as they are just playing a game. She gets afraid.

Jyoti gets overjoyed hearing the gun firing sound in her headphone. She says now Imlie is finished and after taking all the bullets she must have died. Jyoti starts dancing out of excitement and Rathore family watches her movements. They find it funny. Harry gets disheartened thinking how can he hold kids at his gunpoint by coming under pressure. He feels guilty of his action and thinks Imlie saved the kids from him. Imlie drinks water and says for the first time she was so afraid to lose her child.

Meethi said only a mother understands the value of her child’s safety. Imlie says she understood it today. Police comes and the parents of the kids arrive too. The thank Imlie for saving them and she says she got courage from these kids only otherwise she wouldn’t have handled the situation well. She says but their environment won’t be toxic like this she will make sure of that. Inspector says he will investigate if anyone is attacking Imlie knowingly.

Aryan reaches office and sees Madhav. He says when it’s about Imlie he loses his control power but today he will control himself. He sees Madhav is looking at his own photo with Imlie. Aryan asks Madhav to reveal the truth what happened during sting operation night without lying. He will not give her many chances.

Madhav finally tells the truth that Imlie got hurt during that day but she told him to hide this from Aryan. But he is feeling relaxed after saying the truth. Aryan doubts him and Madhav says Imlie is like his inspiration and everyone in his village loves her. She is really special for him etc, her words and touch everything.

Aryan shuts him up and shouts at him. He says he is tolerating him doesn’t mean Madhav will take Imlie’s name shamelessly. He fires Madhav and throws him out of the office. Madhav cries and says he told the truth then whats wrong. He tries to call Imlie but Aryan snatches his phone. Madhav requests him to call Imlie once to know that he is not a liar. Aryan loses his calm and recalls Jyoti’s words. He punches Madhav and Imlie stops him. She stops the police from arresting Madhav saying he did nothing to her.

Aryan accuses him of taking advantage of Imlie after making her unconscious. Imlie says she is a woman and she will learn it first if anything wrong happens with her. He doesn’t know more than her.

Precap- Aryan tells Imlie that he is infertile then who is the father of the child. Imlie gets shocked and says it means he thinks Madhav is the father.

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