Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Update: Malini learns from Nila that her baby is missing


Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the NGO workers talking to Narmada. They ask her why Imlie has brought an unnamed baby in the house without informing the police or anyone. Its against law and not legal. Narmada says that baby was crying alone so they brought her home. Arpita stops the workers saying they cant take away the child from them forcibly but they will have to talk to Imlie and Aryan before that. Arpita and Sundar go to find Imlie in the house.

Imlie is unconscious in the kitchen and they fail to find her. Nila keeps on telling Narmada that those NGO workers will take the baby to the right place , they should not worry much. They should let the baby go. Narmada is not ready but those women leave by car after taking away the baby. Imlie gets up hearing the baby’s cry. She thinks why she fainted all of a sudden. She thinks if anything happened to the baby.

She gets to know from Arpita that the baby is gone with the workers. Imlie asks about the name of the NGO and she says there is no such NGO of this name it means the baby is in wrong hands. She rushes to find her but bumps into Aryan. She says they have urgent work to do as the baby is missing. She learns the location from her colleague and they both head towards that place. Nila tells Gudiya that whoever will try to get Aryan’s property she will throw them away just like she did it to the baby.

Gudiya says but she wanted to take atleast one picture with the baby to post it on social media. The landline phone rings and Nila picks it up. Malini introduces herself the District Head Police and asks Nila about the child whom Imlie brought home. How is the child. Nila gets afraid thinking what if she gets caught so she lies that Imlie is not home but she went somewhere with the baby.

Malini tells Anu that Imlie is trying to find the missing baby now and Nila’s nervousness revealed everything. She says Imlie is so predictable and she starts loving someone within two minutes. Anu asks her Malini’s baby only troubled after her birth then why she think it will ruin Imlie’s life.

Malini replies she is sure Imlie will land in trouble because of the baby. Aryan and Imlie reach the location and see an baby care home. Imlie says but its not looking like child trafficking happens here. Aryan says don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It can be a trap. They check the babies inside and Aryan says the glass is sound proof so they cant hear anything

Imlie says she wants to go to shopping and Aryan gets her point. Arpita gets angry and brings two return tickets for Gudiya and Nila. She scolds Nila for giving the baby to the fake NGO workers now the baby is in trouble because of her. Nila starts her acting that she did it for the heir only. Imlie’s focus should not be on anything else rather than her baby. She was just concerned.

Arpita loses her calm and says she tolerated enough of their interference and now she wants them to leave the mansion. Narmada stops her and apologises to Nila. Imlie disguises herself as an old lady and Aryan looks like her assistant and he looks like an innocent funny guy with specs on.

Aryan teases Imlie for her look and tells her to behave like an old woman. Imlie also teases him for looking so funny and says if he looked like that during their wedding Meethi would have suggested her to run away. They introduce themselves like they are from inspection team to the guards, she says they came to check on the children. They get inside the place and Imlie finds the baby is crying. She feels relieved.

Precap- Imlie saves the baby from some men in disguise of an old lady. She says she will rescue the baby at any cost. She ties the baby with her body and faces the men bravely.

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