Imlie Mahaepisode 26th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie allows Malini to stay in the house for her child’s sake


Imlie Mahaepisode 26th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Judge dismissing the case. Imlie gets heartbroken and says sorry to Aditya for not winning the case. Anu thanks Mr Desai and Imlie questions Malini where is the video clip? Anu pushes Imlie away and shouts at her. Imlie asks then who deleted the proof if it was not Malini. Dulari doubts Kunal as he is in love with Malini. Kunal says he also lost the case, he won’t do something like this.

Aditya reveals he deleted the clip. FB is shown where Malini calls Aditya and tells him to meet her for once. She wants to tell the truth. Aditya says now she cant give any explanations as he saw the truth. Anu lies to Aditya saying she spiked everyone’s drink and Malini was also drunk because of her. Then she told her to get close to Aditya saying its their honeymoon. Malini pretends to cry. FB ends.

Aditya says he can’t punish Malini for Anu’s fault. Imlie shuts him up saying she herself saw Malini was mixing something in the drink and she caught her red handed then why did he support her. Why can’t he stand up for the truth. It was all Anu and Malini’s plan. Imlie says she came back to serve justice to Aditya but he betrayed her. Imlie says if Anu did the crime then she should also get the punishment.

Aditya tells Imlie to forget the matter saying everything has finished because of Anu. Imlie asks what happened suddenly. Malini reveals she is pregnant with Aditya’s child. Imlie stands shocked to hear that. Malini says she fainted and learned that she is pregnant. Aditya stands numb. Pankaj says now whole family will suffer. Nishant tells Aditya that he did wrong to himself and Imlie too. Anu starts her acting and tells Tripathis to forget everything. She requests them to accept Malini and her child. Aditya leaves.

Dev waits to know the judgement. Anu says everything has happened according to her wish. Dev says how can she ruin Imlie’s life like this. Anu says she is celebrating Malini’s victory only. Dev says Anu will suffer for sure. They are about to leave but Inspector tells them to come out of car. Inspector tells Anu that she is under arrest. Kunal says he couldn’t give punishment to Malini but he will make sure Anu gets punished. Dev supports Kunal and says after spending time in jail Anu will realise her mistake.

Aparna asks Pankaj why he is not happy that they are going to welcome a baby, Pankaj says he is upset with the fact that Aparna is not at all bothered with what happened to Imlie. She can’t feel her pain. She is accepting the child despite knowing Aditya and Malini’s consummation was not consentual, when she didn’t accept Imlie yet. What kind of justice is this. He says Imlie fought for Tripathis and got taunts at such a young age. Pankaj says he is with Imlie no matter what.

Rupy and Nishant console crying Imlie. Imlie says Aditya cheated her and now he has such a huge responsibility on him. Rupy says Imlie has to fight for her rights. Aditya only loves Imlie. She can’t give up like this. Aditya comes and sits beside Imlie. He says she should give up on their relationship. Imlie says there’s no relation as such, it has been broken. Aditya says he is still her husband. Imlie says if he can’t support her, what type of husband he is.

Aditya says he can’t send Malini to jail in this condition. Anu also confessed her truth. Imlie says Malini told her million times the she will snatch Aditya from her. Imlie says everything finished because of him and Aditya adamantly says he can’t send Malini to jail after seeing doctor’s report. Aditya says from now he will only listen to Imlie. He will wait for her decision as she suffered because of all this.

Imlie sees in her room Malini is exchanging Aditya and Imlie’s photos with her and Aditya’s photos . She says now her baby should see her/his father’s face. Malini asks for Imlie’s help. She taunts Imlie by asking what’s her favourite photo. Imlie says pregnant ladies should change themselves for their child’s sake. She will pray for her child. Dev tells Tripathis that noone will win this fight.

Meethi says how will Imlie stay here, Aditya cheated her and Tripathis don’t accept Imlie as their daughter in law too. Aditya says what Imlie wants will happen. If she doesn’t want Malini to stay here then Malini will leave. He will take Malini’s responsibilities but everything will happen as per Imlie’s wish.

Imlie thinks what she should do with Malini. Dulari says Malini and Aditya’s illicit child will suffer whole life. Dulari tells Imlie to tell her decision to everyone. Imlie says Malini will stay here as she cant take decision being selfish. They have to think about the child too, the baby can’t grow up without a father like her. She says the baby should live with the family. Noone should call the child illicit and or he/she should not face the humiliation. Dev says he is proud of Imlie. He tells Malini to show manners as Imlie did a lot for her. Malini thanks her and thinks she will get Imlie out of the house permanently. Imlie thinks now she will see what Malini does.

Imlie writes something and Aditya comes to her. He asks her what is she writing. He says why she is not talking to him. Imlie avoids him saying he won’t understand. He will burn this too. Some people enter Tripathi house and enquires about the house helps.

Sundar goes to bring his aadhar card and they ask about Imlie’s ID card and Pankaj says she is their bahu not house help. Imlie calms him and he goes to talk to Aditya. Imlie brings her Aadhar card and the men suddenly make her unconscious and leave the house. Imlie finds herself in a godown.

Precap- Nishant says those people were fake. Aditya says means Imlie got kidnapped now where is she. Tripathis get shocked.

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