Imlie Upcoming Story 17th December 2020 : Aditya says to Malini about him and Imlie


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Episode begins with Imlie murmurs why the guests are like this? When Dev comes there to talk to Imlie and says what are you trying to do ? She says to him I am angry and why do you come here now? Dev comes there and asks even if I had also gone to Pagdandiya years ago and have made a good bond with many and I am just trying to know the names. Imlie says about her grandmother Dulari and all with him but denies to say her mother name saying that telling unknown people mother’s name will result into her bad health. Aditya’s uncle comes there and asks Imlie to bring out the marriage card from the cupboard. She does what they have asked for however she is feeling sad for it as well. Anu is giving them the marriage invitation from her side. She gives them the card and says it is great that my relatives are not getting cards from your side or else they will think we have become bankrupt.

Aditya’s family members are surprised to see the royalness of the invitation card and they can’t believe that a card can be this much grand. They asks Imlie to read out the invitation card which she herself wrote for them. While on the other side, Aditya comes there to meet Malini and tells her about his marriage with Imlie. Malini doesn’t want to believe him at all but he speaks to her about the situation that was made by the village members and how he was forced to marry her on the basis of guns and threats. Malini gets up from her chair and asks him again if he is cracking any lame joke with her but he says this is a reality he always wants to share with her since the day he is back but never gets the chance to do it.

Malini looks at him with wide eyes as she couldn’t just believe what he said and faints on the ground and Aditya gets scared to see her state. Imlie reads out the poem she wrote for Aditya and Malini marriage invitation card. Everyone is touched with the words of her and says that you have given the best gift to Aditya Malini since you wrote their relationship in a most precious way. Aditya’s mother asks her to offer the first invitation card to God by herself. Aditya brings Malini to the hospital and asks the doctor to treat Malini as she faints suddenly. Aditya is fulfilling the formalities in hospital when he calls in the landline number of his house. The family members went to see off Malini’s family and Imlie pics of the call of Aditya and was telling him the debit card no when the nurse informs him about Malini getting recovered and asking for him.

Imlie immediately comes there with the boys of Aditya and goes to meet Malini when accidentally she gets to hear the conversation between them from outside of the hospital cabin. Aditya is telling Malini that she is just creating a joke with her and he can never marry an unworthy girl like Imlie. Imlie hears everything and feels bad but doesn’t show up on face and gives Aditya his wallet and asks if she is fine. Aditya confess to Imlie that he wants to tell her the truth but she is not able to handle it at all and he can’t afford to lose her.

Precap – Aditya says to her that on 15th you have to go back to Pagdandiya as I don’t want you to be here around us.