Imlie Upcoming Story: Aditya and Imlie in jail.


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Star plus popular daily soap Imlie never fails to engage audience with its exciting twists and turns. The show revolves around the lives of Aditya, Malini and Imlie. Earlier its seen that Rupali was upset over Imlie while Aditya got arrested. Now it will be seen that Aditya and Imlie will land in jail while Imlie will signal Aditya about Pranav’s truth.

Previously we have seen that, Malini provoked Rupali against Imlie using Pranav. Imlie doubted whether Pranav was there for the pen drive which has evidence against MLA. However Imlie failed to prove it to Rupali upsetting her. On the other hand Pranav succeeded in stealing the pen drive and hid it without anyone’s knowledge. Later, Police arrested Aditya as they found drugs in his room. Both Aditya and Imlie will be in jail and Pranav will be happy for success of his plan.

In the future episodes we will witness, its Pranav who placed the drugs in Aditya’s room. He will successfully execute his plan while Rupali will be unaware of the proceedings. On the other hand, Imlie will voluntarily pick a fight with Pranav in front of police while Imlie will get arrested for the same. Pranav will be happy with the success of his plan.

Will Aditya and Imlie expose Pranav? Will Aditya and Imlie gets released from jail?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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