Imlie Upcoming Story : Aditya asks Imlie not to come back to Delhi post the trip of Pagdandiya


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Episode begins with Malini excitedly showing stuff to Imlie about her honeymoon spot and she is seeing things through the tab for the first time. Anu says to Malini this is the place where the film of Srk was shot. They are so excited for their honeymoon trip and Aditya again indirectly taunts Imlie saying that I am glad that I will be away from all the troubles and issues. Suddenly Aditya gets the call from his editor regarding his job and he is assigned to go for Pagdandiya to cover the meeting of Satyakam and he agrees to it. Anu gets angry with Aditya and says you will call me Mrs. Chaturvedi only and you will call me mother only when my daughter will be your first priority and wife only. He tries to make all understand his job profile and Dev understands his state and says we will postpone all the bookings in the next timing. Rupali and Nidhi are feeling dull in the house due to the absence of Imlie, Aditya and Malini.

Aditya’s mother comes there and informs them that they are coming back today cancelling all the rituals and honeymoon trips due to some work assignments of Aditya in Pagdandiya. Sundar suggested they send along Imlie with him so that she can meet her parents also and will feel good. Rupali says this is not a bad idea because she was looking upset during the marriage and it was evident that she was upset and must be missing her family. Later, Aditya, Malini and Imlie come back to their house and Aditya’s family welcomes Malini and Imlie and not Aditya and scolds him for abandoning his wife after marriage and going for work. They say to Malini that once he is back we will send you both on two honeymoon trips. Then they surprised Imlie with a travel ticket of Pagdandiya and says we want you to go and meet your family for two days because we are not even feeling like letting you go then we can understand how much your mother must be missing you and wants to see you.

Imlie gets teary eyes and is happy while Aditya again goes in self pity mode. He thinks to grab on this opportunity and left Imlie there forever because if she stays here then one day this secret will be revealed. Imlie is too happy to go on a trip to her mother but Aditya comes and says pack all your stuff because I want you to go there forever and rest I will take care of your study and will provide you all kinds of monetary help.

Imlie gets upset and she recalls her moments in this house with the family members as she will miss them so much and indirectly she is going to make them upset cause Aditya is going to blame the entire thing on her post his return. She cries and is packing her stuff while Meethi says to Satyakam that she wants to earn a lot of money so that her daughter doesn’t feel ashamed to meet her mother in front of all. She says I will buy and wear expensive clothes and jewelries to match the standards of my daughter in-law’s house then she will not feel awkward to meet me or talk to me and Satyakam says to her if government works in their favour then eventually they will develop along with the village and things will work properly.

Precap – Aditya gives money to Imlie in Pagdandiya but she refuses to take it as it will make her a servant of his house in true sense.