Imlie Upcoming Story: Aditya to land in huge trouble?


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Star plus popular show Imlie will gear up for a shocking twist when it will be revealed that Aditya’s life is in grave danger. As per latest news lead actor Gashmeer Mahajani will soon make an exit from the show, the reason of his exit is not known yet and who will replace him is also not decided. The upcoming track will be filled with twist and turns and it will be shown that the terrorist will fit a bomb in Aditya’s ear and Aditya won’t be able to defuse it either. Imlie is going to accuse Aryan for that, What will Aryan do now? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Imlie injured Aryan with an arrow and Arpita came to save him. Imlie proved that Arpita can overcome her phobia. Narmada and Aryan thanked Imlie for her efforts. Aryan also said sorry to her for his rude behaviour. Imlie told him that she only helped Arpita to face her fear which he did earlier. Later Malini felt insecure and Anu hid her phone in Imlie’s room to overhear Imlie and Aditya’s conversation. Imlie learned from Meethi that Aditya is taking rest and Aryan told her to go to sleep. Imlie found Anu’s hidden phone.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Imlie will fool Malini and Anu by talking about black magic. She will disconnect the call and then will go to sleep. Aryan will turn off the AC seeing Imlie shivering due to cold. He will also bring a new Sita Maiya idol for her which will delight her. There Aditya will get the terror’s call who will be ready to reveal his identity. Aditya will decide to show the live telecast of it but Aryan won’t like the idea as there is Trp issues. Imlie will insist Aryan to allow the interview to go live. Malini will get to know about Aditya’s live segment and Tripathis will watch TV.

The terrorist will not show his face but he will make a shocking revelation that he fit a bomb in Aditya’s ear, and the latter cant remove or defuse it. Later Imlie will blame Aryan for sending Aditya for a risky mission knowingly. Aryan will lock her in his cabin.

What’s in Aditya’s destiny? Will Malini and Imlie see Aditya again? Will Aditya come back with a new avatar?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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