Imlie Upcoming Story: Anu to send goons behind Imlie?


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Star plus popular show Imlie will gear up for a shocking twist. Aryan gets blamed by Imlie for behaving like a profit maker and using Aditya. Aryan takes commissioner’s help to rescue Aditya but Imlie is unaware of that. There Imlie gets arrested by Police because of Malini and she escapes from lock up with Satyakam’s help. Will Aryan go to Pagdandiya and save Aditya? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Atank tortured Aditya by pressing the remote switch and everyone started panicking. Imlie blamed Aryan for sending Aditya for a risky mission knowingly. Aryan locked her in his cabin and told not to stop the broadcasting as he wants to push the Atank’s ego so that he reveals his identity. Imlie somehow came out of the office and got shocked seeing the police warrant.

There Tripathis decided to mortgage their house for arranging money to save Aditya. Anu came to give them the money but Tripathis except Harish refused to take her favor. Malin filed complaint against Imlie saying the latter is taking revenge from her by harming Aditya and she joined hand with the Atank. Aryan assured Imlie he will get her released from jail.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Imlie will plead the inspector to release her from lockup, there the Atank will blast bomb in Pagdandiya. Aryan will hire one of the best lawyer for Imlie but Imlie will escape with Satyakam’s help. Aryan will scold some employees who will judge his concern for Imlie. Aryan will learn that Imlie ran away from police station. He will decide to accompany her. Anu will hire goons to kill Imlie and she will run on street when a car will come to hit her.

What’s in Aditya’s destiny? Will Aryan save Imlie? Will Aditya come back with a new avatar?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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