Imlie Upcoming Story: Arto and Imlie to perform the haldi ritual unknowingly?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness a turning point in the show. Imlie is ready to help out Arto so that he moves on in his life and forgets Chini. How will Imlie do that? It will be exciting to watch what’s in store for us.

Previously it was shown that Arto struggled to knit his kurta button and recalled how Imlie helped him. He called her again but she avoided him saying she has another work.

There Chini told Anu that she couldn’t perform one single ritual with Arto and she ended up marrying Abhishek if the things go wrong. Kia came up with a plan and then Chini pretended to express her feelings to Arto and forced him to tell the truth to his family before her wedding.

Kia acted like she is shocked seeing their patch up. She told Arto that she will support him and will unite them. However Arto pleaded her not to tell anyone about the truth. He tried to talk to Imlie to know her opinion while the latter ignored him.

He asked by holding her hand if she is disturbed for some reason but she asked him to let her go. She went to help Rupy to make the haldi paste and got restless thinking about Arto’s words. She decided to not get distracted. Chini thought Arto will accept her finally in front of all.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Chini will tell Anu and Kia that Imlie will never be able to make a paste of the stones and in her absence she will apply haldi on Arto. There Imlie will put the haldi in grinder and will realise its stones and Chini fooled her.

She will go to stop Chini from succeeding in her plan. She will fall down and will get injured. Arto will apply the haldi on Imlie’s wound and seeing that Rana’s will tease them for performing the ritual unknowingly.

Later Devika will tell Rudra not to have false hope for Arto and Imlie as they don’t know clearly if Arto still loves Chini or not as he was looking upset during the rituals. Arto will go to help Imlie to tie the band aid but she will close the door on his face saying she will manage.

She will deal with her issues alone. Arto will leave upset and she will feel guilty for hurting him. There Chini will blackmail Arto saying if he doesn’t stop her wedding on time then she will commit suicide. He will get shocked hearing that.

What will Arto decide finally?

Will he choose Imlie?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.