Imlie Upcoming Story: Dhariya to create scene at the Rana Residence?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness a turning point in the show. Imlie is aware of Chini’s vile games and now she has come up with a plan to teach lesson to her. Will Arto and Imlie get separated in the end? It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown Satyakam felt happy to see Arto and Imlie’s great bonding. They reminded him of Imlie and Aryan. He prayed that Arto and Imlie should not face the same amount of pain like Aryan and Imlie faced. Male Ranas tried to cook for the first time for their family where Satyakam revealed Meethi is not home and he is also not a good cook.

Rana females enjoyed watching the way the men are struggling while cooking. In the end the result was satisfactory as Imlie helped Arto. Imlie got her mother’s bangles from Satyakam and also Rana’s got presents from him. On their way back home some goons attacked Ranas and tried to snatch their jewels.

Imlie motivated the ladies of the house to fight those goons and also Arto thrashed them. Later Imlie saved their jewels from the goons and they learned that Dhairya sent those goons behind Rana’s.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Rudra will not be able to believe that Dhairya can do harm to Rana’s. Kia and Akash will convince him by proving Dhairya is a fraud. Imlie will suspect that Dhairya is not a culprit as she heard from Akash Dhairya took leave for his mother’s sickness.

Arto and Akash will go to search for Dhairya’s house. There Dhairya will save Imlie from a water tank which was about to fall on her. She will ask him if he really sent goons to attack Ranas. Dhairya will get confused and Arto will attack him aggressively for betraying Rudra.

Dhairya will see how Akash is breaking stuffs in his house. Later Imlie will stop Arto from blaming Dhairya as Akash might be at fault. Arto and Imlie will meet Dhairya’s mother and will realise he is not the culprit.

Dhairya’s mother will get shocked seeing the house’s condition. Arto will decide to confront Akash for his lies. Later Dhairya will break stuffs in Rana House and Arto will get into a fight with him. They both will shout at each other for hurting their mothers.

Will Imlie stop their fight?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.