Imlie Upcoming Story : Imlie and Aditya meets with each other again


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Episode begins with Amma snatched the scholarship certificate from Imlie after she informs her about the scholarship program and says I can go to city now with my mother and can study well. Her grandmother doesn’t pay attention to her talks and says you are nobody in real and none is going to spike on you too. She snatched the certificate paper and tears it into pieces and says I am making your dream smaller from now on only. The mother of Imlie collected all the pieces of the certificate of Imlie. Aditya is clicking pictures and Gaganendra says to him that please take care of things and I will arrange an interview with him.

Satyakam notices Aditya and asks the fellow villagers about it. The villagers told him about Aditya being a tourist and he feels irritated and walks out. Aditya calls Malini and informs her about himself and Malini reminds him about their parents meeting. She says to her mother that blame me or say me anything you want but you shouldn’t have spoilt her dream. Her mother is going to burn the papers and Satyakam comes there and stops Nani from burning the papers. He says to her Imlie is the pride of the village, she is the brightest student and she achieved it with her dedication and hard work. So if you can’t encourage her then you have no right to tear down her dreams and aspirations too. She is capable and has full rights to see dreams and fulfill it. She will go to city and will surely fulfill her dreams and no. One among us will stop her. He says to Nani I am changed in all these years, what happened to Imlie’s mother is not her fault. She loved him and he deceived her and left but now I am here to give these villagers rights for their life.

Imlie will go to the main city and will touch the sky of her dreams and I know she can do it. Satyakam says to Imlie’s mother that he knows where she will be and goes to meet Imlie at a tower of the village where Imlie is crying and standing thinking that her dreams are now impossible to fulfill. He says to Imlie a pair of eyes witness a dream and only a strong mjnd can fulfill it. He gives her a copy of her scholarship certificate and asks her to fulfill all her dreams and work towards it.

Rest everything should be taken care by God himself. Imlie gets happy and hugs Satyakam as she gets back the confidence to fight for her dreams. Malini’s father again make a picture of Imlie’s mother as he can not forgive the face of the lady. However, his wife comes and asks him about the lady and he says I am famous for my village series paintings only. However his wife is not convinced and feels there is some mystery about Pagdandiya about which they are unknown. She throws away the painting in anger and she can sense it is not just a mere painting. Later on Imlie is enjoying with her friends when Aditya is clicking pictures of the village.

Imlie pumptured the tier of his car for making her and her food fall in the morning. Before he can notice she goes away with her friends from there and he noticed that she punctured her tiers. At the same time he gets a call from Gaganendra asking him about his location urgently.

Precap – Imlie and Aditya meet each other at the village fair.