Imlie Upcoming Story: Imlie to leave Tripathi house?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The storyline is getting interesting with each passing day specially after Aditya’s shocking revelation. Malini accepted that she can’t move on. Malini’s realisation has become a threat to Aditya and Imlie’s marriage. Imlie recently learned about Malini’s intentions and decided to stop her. Will Malini cross all limits to win Aditya’s love? Will Imlie be able to get her rightful place in Aditya’s house? It will be interesting to watch.

Earlier its seen that, Aparna blamed Imlie saying she only spiked their juices. Imlie tried to expose Malini but noone believed her including Aditya. Malini convinced everyone with her acting. Anu started her melodrama in Tripathi house saying Malini’s life is ruined and she can’t show her face to the world so Aditya has to accept her as his wife. Aditya explained to Imlie that he only loves her and he can’t cheat her. Tripathis decided to unite Aditya and Malini when Anu pleaded with Imlie to not force Malini to divorce Aditya.

In the future episodes we will see that Malini will show Imlie’s saree to Anu saying she used it to control Aditya last night. There Meethi will give strength to Imlie saying she will not compromise with the situation. Anu will try to destroy the proof against Malini but Dulari will catch her. She will find something fishy while Anu will make an excuse. Malini will blackmail Imlie saying Aditya’s life will be ruined if she doesn’t leave him. Later Aditya will try to remember what exactly happened in the night. He will try to convince Imlie but the latter will say that she can’t trust him anymore. Imlie will leave the house with Meethi and Dulari.

Will Aditya stop Imlie?

Will Malini get exposed?

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