Imlie Upcoming Story: Imlie to make a mistake again?


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Star plus popular daily soap Imlie never fails to engage audience with its exciting twists and turns. The show revolves around the lives of Aditya, Malini and Imlie. Recently Tripathis accepted Imlie and now Malini has planned something new to get back Aditya. Imlie has started her new life as an individual.

Previously we have seen that Imlie attended orientation meeting in disguise of a peon and heard what Aryan thinks about her. He told they don’t need Imlie in the meeting. Imlie wrote her article with other interns and submitted it without Aryan’s knowledge. Later Aryan caught her with the help of cctv footage and scolded her. He told her to write the full article by tomorrow. Aditya tried to help Imlie but she refused to take his help. There Malini spiked Imlie’s laddoos which Aparna made for her. Imlie got her ID card and she was upset thinking she can’t share her happiness with anyone.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Aditya will become mentor of Imlie and will help her in writing report. Imlie will trust her intuition and will interview a woman tea vendor. She will ask about her journey and will talk against toxic masculinity. Later she will get the laddoos from Pankaj and Harish in hostel. She will fall asleep after having them. There Malini will again make Aditya doubtful saying Aryan may fall in love with Imlie just how he fell in love with her eventually. Imlie will do a blunder again by sitting in Aryan’s chair and he will catch her in messy condition.

Will Imlie get fired? Will Aditya trust Imlie? How will Imlie bring Malini’s truth infront of Aditya?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.