Imlie Upcoming Story: Malini to take back Gudiya from Imlie?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness an interesting track soon. Jyoti’s game is finally over and she got arrested. Malini entered the show again to bring some huge twists and turns. It will be exciting to watch what’s in store for us.

Previously it was shown that Imlie held Gudiya in her arms and got emotional. Gudiya did not stop crying and Imlie sang for her. Aryan danced for the babies so that they stop crying. Later the guards arrived and Imlie diverted their mind.

Aryan rescued the babies and Imlie tied Gudiya up with her body and faced the men. She called the parents of the babies and they beat up the goons. Later Imlie felt sad that Gudiya’s parents didnt come to take her back. She tried to convince Narmada so that they can adopt Gudiya and gave her a family.

Nila objected but Narmada accepted Gudiya. Later Malini came to Rathod Mansion and took her baby back from Imlie. Imlie stood shocked seeing Malini there.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Malini will reveal it’s her own baby and Imlie has no relation with her. She will taunt Imlie saying the latter wants to snatch her everything including her baby. Aryan will question Malini where was she when her child went missing? Malini will give him a fake newspaper cut saying she was searching for her baby by giving missing ad.

Imlie will share with Aryan that she cant stay away from Gudiya when she knows she is Gudiya’s Maasi. She will understand Malini’s trick and she will visit Chaturvedi house and will get to know Malini’s real intentions that she hates her baby and is using her only.

Malini has no sympathy for Gudiya. Imlie will tell her to feel ashamed for considering her child as burden. Imlie will try to take Gudiya away from Malini to give her a better upbringing but Anu will humiliate her and will throw her out of the house by calling guards.

Later Aryan and Imlie will notice an ambulance, Malini will give her baby to a medical staff. Imlie will make up her mind to change Gudiya’s future.

How will Imlie take Gudiya’s responsibility?

How will Malini stop her?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.