Imlie Upcoming Story: Rupy to choose Jatin for Chini?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness some interesting drama in upcoming episodes. While on one hand Imlie is not accepted by Narmada as the latter holds her responsible for her parents’ death.

On the other hand, Imlie faces criticism for her simple lifestyle. Will Atharv change her life or will Chini snatch Atharv from Imlie? It will be exciting to watch what’s in store for us.

Previously it was shown that Atharv gifted an expensive necklace to Chini. Chini tried to leave and there Rudra told Arpita and Sundar to keep Chini away from Atharv and Imlie after marriage. He felt Chini might bring trouble in their married life.

Sundar found Chini and Atharv together and Chini made an excuse that Atharv wanted to meet Imlie. Imlie treated Atharv’s wound by applying soil on it. Atharv decided to tell her the truth but failed to tell her anything.

Chini thought of using him for her own luxurious demands. Arpita asked her about her meeting with Atharv. Chini got upset. Atharv felt Imlie’s happiness is temporary so he told her the truth soon.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Rathores will select Imlie’s wedding card, Chini will go to check her necklace but she will not find it in her room. Rupy will show her that and will ask her who gave her this necklace? Chini will take Atharv’s name and Rupy will assume Atharv brought it for Imlie.

Chini will say he gave it to her, it’s not for Imlie. Rupy will warn her not to do anything wrong with Imlie. Rudra will learn from Sundar that Atharv met Chini at midnight so he will advance Atharv’s wedding date with Imlie. Atharv will object but in vain. There Rupy will find a guy named Jatin for Chini.

Chini won’t be interested to meet him. She will manipulate Imlie instead saying Atharv doesn’t want to marry her. Rupy will cover it up by giving the necklace to Imlie. Atharv will feel if his feelings is one sided and for that he will decide to make the love confession to Chini as soon as possible.

What will Atharv do?

Whom will Atharv marry?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.