Imlie Upcoming Story: Will Imlie be able to survive after the fall?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness a turning point in the show. Imlie is aware of Chini’s vile games and now she has come up with a plan to teach lesson to her. Will Arto and Imlie get separated in the end? It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown
Shivani asked Arto to take her to the temple when Imlie and Chini went to reveal the truth to him. Chini decided to write down her confession so that Imlie can’t manipulate Arto with her tears. She told Imlie to follow the same process.

Imlie penned down what she has done and she betrayed them with her memory loss drama. She is okay with accepting Arto’s hatred as they will get separated in the end. There Arto questioned a particular ritual at the temple and called it superstitious but then he himself performed it to pray for Imlie’s wellbeing.

He became sad thinking Imlie will leave him soon. His feet got injured due to walking barefoot. Shivani blamed Imlie for this. Rana’s worried for Arto and later Chini sent Imlie’s confession letter to Arto and the latter came to know the truth. He said that he made a mistake by accepting a betrayer as his friend.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Arto will lash out at Imlie for her betrayal to his family who trusted her and had taken care of her. He will say if she did it for revenge only. Imlie will try to expose Chini but the latter will keep on blaming Imlie.

Arto will not hear Imlie’s explanations. Kia will support her saying her innocence is proved already. Later Imlie will question Chini why she didn’t fulfil her promise. Chini will mock her for having faith. Anu will celebrate Chini’s victory and later she will advise Chini to trap Arto fully by taking the advantage of his intoxicated state.

Chini will take him to a godown at night and as a result the nearby local people will question their characters. Anu will also be there in disguise to provoke them. Arto will decide to marry Chini to make Imlie suffer.

Imlie will get shocked to know that. Chini will get excited to become wife of Arto. Afterwards Chini will snatch the evidence from Imlie and will push her from the balcony.

Will Arto marry Chini?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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