Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh confronting Riddhima. He asks if she has stolen the diamonds. He points gun at her. 12 hours before. Vansh shouts who has stolen his diamonds. Aryan comes there and blames Riddhima and badmouthes her. Vansh warns him to shut his mouth, they don’t know yet who has stolen the diamonds. Aryan says none can do this except Riddhima.

Riddhima tells to Vyom the deal is over. He says the deal just started. The diamonds is just a step one. Aryan says that he’s certain that Riddhima has stolen the diamonds. Angre says that they don’t have any proof against her. Aryan asks where’s Riddhima then. Dadi comes there and says Angre is right, they can’t blame Riddhima without any proof, but nowadays her behaviors are suspicious. Vyom says to Riddhima that Vansh pride isn’t only in this diamonds, but in his family object. Dadi asks Vansh the proof and punish the culprit. She hands the rifle to Vansh and asks Riddhima to punish it if she did the mistake. Vyom shows the photo of Vansh’s grandfather’s rifle to Riddhima and asks her to get it. He wants every symbol of Vansh’s family. Dadi asks Vansh to act fast. Vyom also asks Riddhima to get the rifle fast. Riddhima agrees for the deal.

Riddhima takes the rifle. Vansh holds her hand saying he got the thief. Angre takes the rifle from her hand and says that they’re shifting to another place. He puts it in the box. Riddhima asks why to which Vansh replies so that the ennemy doesn’t take advantages of it. Riddhima picks the pullet up saying he should keep the rifle near him when the enemy comes close to him. She stumbles and Vansh holds her. He takes the pullet from her hand and gives it to Angre. He reveals that someone has stolen the diamonds. Riddhima pretends to be stunned and asks what he will do now. Vansh says that the thief knows everything about him, he could be someone from inside the house or someone from outside, but he will catch him soon. Riddhima wishes him luck and leaves.

Riddhima tells Vyom that the rifle can’t be stolen. He warns her not to make him angry and asks what did she say. Riddhima says that Vansh shifted the rifle to somewhere and asks how she can find that place. He says that she’s his wife and she knows many ways. He tries to choke her with a cloth and asks whether she will bring the rifle or he should call off the deal. She nods yes and he releases his grip.

Vansh says that Riddhima hasn’t stolen the diamonds. Dadi asks if he has any proof. Vansh says that she can’t steal in her own house. Dadi says Anupriya also this house’s daughter-in-law, but she did lot of crimes in the past. Vansh says that she loved Riddhima. Dadi says yes but she changed. She asks him to think being VR industries owner, the loss is big. Vansh says that his heart can’t accept it. Dadi says that this is about their family pride and for that she can’t forgive anyone. She asks him to kill Riddhima, if he can’t she will give this work to Aryan. Vansh looks on stunned.

Ishani and Aryan see Riddhima coming from somewhere. Aryan kidnaps Riddhima.
He takes her to a dark room and ties to her chair. Vansh asks Ishani about Riddhima’s whereabout. She says that she just came back and doesn’t where she’s now. Vansh tries to reach Riddhima. Aryan asks Riddhima if she has stolen the diamonds and points the gun at her. Riddhima admits that she has stolen the diamonds and asks him to relaese her. Aryan says get ready to die. He’s about to shoot her, Vansh comes there and shoots Aryan. Riddhima says that Aryan wants to kill her and seeks his help. Vansh unties her and hugs her. Aryan says that she’s the culprit, and asks Vansh to kill her. Vansh asks her if she has stolen the diamonds. Riddhima nods yes. Vansh looks shocked. Aryan says this is the consequences of trusting her, and asks him to shoot her. Vansh points the gun at her. Sia comes there and asks what’s happening here. She says that Dadi had called him, someone has come to meet him.

Vansh says that he has asked him to come here. Vyom says that he also said that his name is Vyam and one he comes into his circle, he can’t escape. They both burst out laughing. Dadi says they’re friends. Riddhima looks stunned. They have a talk. Vyom correctly says Riddhima’s name. Vansh asks how he knows her name. Vyom says that the first we should get updated about friends and be alert of ennemies. He gives a gift. Vansh check it out and finds a violin. He says that he plays violin well while Vansh says Vyom plays well saxophone. They used to have competition. Vansh receives a call and goes aside to attend. Vyom asks Riddhima to thank on behalf of Vansh for the violin. Riddhima looks on

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh teaches Riddhima violin. He aims gun at Riddhima and asks why she accepted that she has stolen the diamonds in front of Aryan. Riddhima says that she should get punished. He shoots her.