Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh doubts on Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima accepting that she has stolen the diamonds and asking Vansh to shoot her. Vansh shoots her. 4 hours before. Vansh says to Vyom that he’s sorry for his wife’s death and asks if he punished the murderer. Vyom reveals that he killed his wife because he thought that she’s cheating on him, but she was right and he’s wrong, sometimes what we see isn’t the truth. He is repenting his act. He takes leave. Riddhima recalls how she took a picture hiding while Angre put the rifle in the violin box, then show showing the same picture to Vyom.

Vansh comes to the room. He teaches Riddhima how to play the violin. He says that he doesn’t like people playing wrong tune. She asks he will punish if she will play the wrong tune. Vansh asks asks why she confessed that she has stolen the diamonds. Riddhima asks if he thinks that she can do so. Vansh asks then why she confessed. She says at the gun point anything can be confessed. Vansh asks she could told the truth when he pointed the gun at her. Riddhima says that she wanted to know whether he can shoot his Riddhima.

Vansh asks what she thinks. She takes his gun and asks him to shoot her. Vansh says not to challenge him, he can kill anyone for his family’s honor. Riddhima admits that she has stolen the diamonds and asks him to shoot. Vansh aims the gun at Riddhima. Dadi and Aryan watch them hiding. Aryan says Vansh can’t shoot, he has become a puppet of Riddhima. They hear gunshots and look shocked. Vansh takes the pullet from the wall and says challenging him is also a wrong note.

Vansh brings breakfast for Riddhima. He asks her where she was when he was unconscious in the jungle. Riddhima coughs. Riddhima says that she was in the jungle searching for him, when he can’t find she returned home. She asks where he was. Vansh says that he was unconscious.

Vansh says to Angre that he doesn’t think that she’s his Riddhima, what’s the need for her to steal the diamonds. Angre says that maybe Riddhima joined hands with his ennemy. Vansh says that his Riddhima can never do like this. Angre says then she’s not Riddhima, she’s someone else. Vansh asks what happened in the 6 hours he was unconscious.

A FB is shown, Vansh and Riddhima hide behind a tree. He says that danger, run, death, this is his life. Riddhima says that she doesn’t want such life where there’s always a threat. He asks if she’s regretting marrying him. She denies they hug. They hear a gun shot. Riddhima says that she wants to live. He says that he will let anything happen to her or her child. He gets shot. He asks her to leave, he will handle the goons. She refuses, but he urges her to leave. She runs away.

A man tries to shoot him, but Vansh takes his gun and shoots him. He falls unconscious. FB ends. Vansh says that when he got consciousness he saw Riddhima going wearing a red dress. Angre asks how Riddhima can change her dress so fast. Vansh says that Riddhima seems changed her way of talking has changed. Riddhima hasn’t talked about their child since she has returned home. What happened with Riddhima.

Vansh brings Riddhima to the gynecologist. Riddhima asks why they havd come here, they usually visit another doctor. Vyom is seen spying on them. After sonography,Vansh asks Riddhima to wait outside. He asks doctor about their child. Doctor tells Vansh that his wife isn’t pregnant. Vansh gets shocked.

Vansh confronts Riddhima. He says that doctor that she’s not pregnant and asks who she’s. Riddhima laughs and denies it. Vansh gets the doctor’s calls. She apologizes to him saying the sonography report got mixed up with another patient and Riddhima is actually pregnant. Vyom thanks the doctor.

Riddhima is in phone call with Vyom. She asks Vyom for some time to get the rifle. He gives her time till midnight. She goes to room and bumps into Vansh. He says that if she thinks that he can’t see or listen, he has been watching her since the morning.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima tries to steal the rifle and Vansh sets a trap to catch her red handed.