Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sia asking Vansh to teach her salsa steps. Vansh says later, he has some important work now. Riddhima comes there and asks what important work he has. She then says if he can’t, she will teach her since she dances better than him. Vansh says she got habit of challenging him. She says he got the habit of accepting challenging. She asks shall we. They hold hands.

Aryan is talking to Kiara’s pic and exercising. He asks God where she’s. Kiara comes there and says that his God listened to his prayer and brought her here. He holds her hand and says that he will not leave her hand else she will disappear again. She assures him that she will not disappear. She asks him if she can stay with in VR mansion. Aryan agrees. Ishani comes there and insults Kiara saying it’s VR mansion and not any hospice for anyone to get a place to stay. Aryan says to Ishani that she can’t be rude with her; she’s Kiara. Ishani enquires about her parents. She says they’re in USA. Ishani asks if she do anything in her life. She says she’s a graphic designer. She asks her name. Ishani introduces herself. Kiara forward her hand for a shake hand, but Ishani ignores it and says she has invited herself to VR mansion. Kiara says that she will leave if his sister has problem with her. Aryan stops her and says that Kiara will stay with them. Chanchal comes there and asks Ishani whose that girl. Ishani says her daughter-in-law. Chanchal gets shocked and says she can set the whole house on fire.

Vansh and Riddhima have a dance. Vansh says that she can’t win him. Riddhima says he can’t defeat her. He says she’s confident about herself. She says more than him. He asks if she doesn’t trust him. She replies more than herself. Vansh asks if it’s true she’s cheating him, why she doesn’t tell the truth. She asks if he can see the truth in her eyes. He says no. She says if he sees with closed eyes, he will get to see only darkness. Aryan brings Kiara there. She claps and brings Riddhima and Vansh back to the reality. Riddhima recognizes Kiara and gets tensed. Kiara says that Vansh and Riddhima are made for each other. Aryan introduces Vansh and Riddhima to Kiara and introduces Kiara to them as his friend.

Kiara recognizes Riddhima and says that they already met at the pub last night. Riddhima denies it. She says she must’ve seen someone else, she doesn’t know that pub. Kiara says she’s very good with face and adds that she was wearing a balck hoodie. Riddhima completely denies it and says she was in mall last night. Kiara says impossible, and asks if she wants to say she’s liying. Riddhima says not like that she has a misunderstanding. She leaves from there saying her head is paining. Vansh looks on. Kiara says to Vansh she’s telling the truth, and maybe he was also there. Vansh cuts her asking not to drag this matter more.

Aryan and Vansh have a talk about Kiara meeting the duplicate Riddhima at the pub. Vansh asks Angre to put the black box in a safe place. Angre asks if he can know what’s in that black box. Vansh says that box contains the details of all the dons in the world. The one who has it, can become the king of underworld. Riddhima overhears their conversation. Vansh gets to know about and types the same in his mobile and sign to Angre to look at it. Angre says that he will put it in the locker. Vansh gives him the code.

Riddhima informs Vyom that she will get the black box tonight. He says that it could be a trap so be alert. Riddhima goes to Vansh secret office and takes the black box. Lights turn on. Riddhima gets shocked on seeing Vansh and Riddhima there. He says that no one steal in his own house and asks if she will still say she’s his Riddhima. Vansh takes the black box and hands it to Angre asking to keep it in a safe place.

Vansh confronts Riddhima and asks to tell the truth. Riddhima says that he looks like giving justice, but doing injustice in the name of justice. Vansh says that he can’t sit in that chair because of her. He says he’s giving her last chance to tell the truth. She says she has nothing to say. He drags her to the poolside. He should have guessed when she caught red handed in his office. He holds her tightly. She says that it’s paining. He asks again to tell the truth. She asks about which truth. He asks where’s his Riddhima. She says what she can answer when he asks to his Riddhima about his Riddhima. He pushes her in the pool and he also jumps. Riddhima says that she’s Riddhima. Vansh says that she can’t imagine what he can with her. She says she knows, she’s Riddhima and she’s not lying. He has a misunderstanding and he is hurting his wife. Vansh says she caught red handed stealing the black box. She denies it and adds that she was curious and wanted to see it. She further says she’s feel pity on him, he can’t even recognize his own wife. She holds his hands and touches his face and asks if he can’t feel her. He pushes her. She repeats she’s Riddhima and goes closer to him. Vansh closes his eyes.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima is more cunning than him so he can’t recognize her. He aims gun at her and asks to tell the truth. She says she’s Riddhima. Vansh asks her for the last time. He shoots.