Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th March 2021 Written Update: Aryan challenges Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh confronting Riddhima. Vansh says that she can’t be his Riddhima, his Riddhima can’t cheat him, can’t steal and lie to him. Riddhima laughs and says that maybe he can’t understand his Riddhima. She could be more cunning than him, so he can’t understand her. If she can make his life and she can ruin his life as well. She asks him to admit that he couldn’t understand his wife. Vansh points the gun at Riddhima and asks her to tell where his Riddhima is. She keeps repeating that she’s Riddhima. Vansh says only her face resembles to his Riddhima. She says she feels sorry for him. He’s about to shoot her. They hear an explosion sound from the house. Vansh runs to save his family.

All the family members wonder what happened and cough due to smoke. Vansh asks Angre to open all the windows. Dadi comes there. Vansh runs to her and makes her sit. He gives her water. Sia is missing. Riddhima goes to search for her. Aryan cares Kiara.

Angre informs Vansh that someone has thrown a package which contained smoke bomb and Riddhima’s name was written on it. He adds that the package was on Sia’s hand. Vansh shouts where’s Sia. Dadi holds Vansh and warns him next time real bomb can explose and asks if he’s waiting for that moment.

Riddhima calls out Vansh and asks to check Sia. He rushes upstairs and finds Sia on the floor injured. He takes her to the room while Chanchal goes to bring first aid box. Vansh puts Sia on the bed. He asks her what happened. Sia says that she received a package on Riddhima’s name and before she could give to her it exploded. Riddhima is suprised that a package was delivered on her name. Vansh angrily looks at her before walking away.

Vyom comes to VR mansion. He says to Anupriya that he got to know about the explosion and has come to meet them. He asks Dadi how she’s. Vansh and Riddhima come there. Dadi says fine and adds that strange things are happening in the house, and it seems an evil spirit entered their house. Vyom hugs Vansh. The latter asks him what he’s doing here. Vyom says that being his friend has come to know how they all are after the explosion. Vansh says he’s still alive to care about his family and asks him to leave. Vyom complains to Dadi that Vansh want to make him leave. Dadi asks him to stay and have food.

Chanchal takes him to the dinning table and says that Sia was hurt badly since she was holding the bomb. Vyom goes to meet Sia. On his way he tries to talk with Riddhima, but she ignores him. Riddhima then notices Kiara and Vyom looking at each other.

Dadi says to Vansh that Riddhima wants to kill them. She’s acting innocent in front of them. She’s taking advantage of their kidness. She keeps challenging them. Vansh says that last night he was about to shoot her, but the explosion saved her. Dadi gets angry and says that Riddhima doesn’t deserve to be alive. She adds that Sia is baldly injured, yet she can’t do anything since he’s protecting Riddhima. She asks if he doesn’t love Sia anymore.

Sia is about to fall. Vyom holds her. He compliments her beauty. He sits down and checks her injury. Sia says that she will manage. Sia again stumbles and he holds her. Riddhima watches them.

Vansh tells Dadi that Riddhima who lives at home is an imposter. Dadi doesn’t believe him, and says it’s her trap. Vansh says that he got proof which proves that she’s not his Riddhima. Dadi asks then why he doesn’t kill the imposter. Vansh says that he can’t kill the imposter until he gets the real Riddhima. Dadi says that Riddhima trapped him in a fake story so that she can finish easily her work and escape. She says that she can’t believe her Vansh could be so stupid and adds that she has to find a way. She texts someone.

Vyom lifts Sia in his arms and puts her on the bed. He flirts with her. He asks if she can be the first man who dates her. Riddhima comes there and says Sia needs to rest. Vyom takes Sia’s leave and asks to think about his date proposal.

Meanwhile Dadi says to Vansh that Riddhima will be killed before 7pm. Vansh says that she can’t do like that. Dadi asks him to lower his tone and reminds that no one can go against her decision. Aryan comes there. He says to Dadi that he got her message and she will find Riddhima’s dead body before 7pm. Dadi leaves from there. Vansh holds Aryan and says he can’t do anything like that. Aryan challenges Vansh to stop him. Aryan pushes Vansh and closes the room with his finger prints. Vansh get caged and shouts not to harm Riddhima.

Riddhima confronts Vyom and asks how he dared to send her smoke bomb. Vyom says that if he hadn’t sent that bomb, she would’ve got killed. Riddhima asks how he got to know what’s happening with her. Vyom says he always keeps an eye on VR mansion. He asks her to get him the balck box soon. Riddhima warns him not to try to harm anyone again, Sia could have died and it’s not the part of their deal. Vyom agrees and leaves. Riddhima notices someone overhearing them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Aryan kidnaps Riddhima. Aryan says that she will be killed before 7pm and then it will be Vansh turns. Vansh succeeds to come out. He enquires Angre where’s Aryan. Aryan unties Riddhima and asks her to run. He shoots.