Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima is dead


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kiara asking Riddhima what’s the need to lie that she hasn’t gone to the pub. Riddhima says that she didn’t go. Kiara says she’s lying and asks if she’s not behind the explosion happened yesterday. Riddhima puts a fork under Kiara’s neck and says not to try to act smart with her. She asks her to leave. Aryan makes Riddhima unconscious using chloroformed kerchief and kidnaps her. Other hand Vansh comes out of the secret room He calls out Angre and asks about Aryan. Angre says that he saw him going in car, but couldn’t see if Riddhima was with him or not. Vansh says Riddhima isn’t at home. He gets ready to leave. Angre gives him the gun. Vansh thanks him and leaves.

Riddhima is shown tied to a chair. She shouts for help and asks Aryan to leave her. Aryan says that she has only half an hour to her death and asks what’s her last wish. He says that he remembers her last wish is to destroy Singhania family, but unfortunately her will not get fulfilled. Other hand Vansh is shown driving. Aryan says that after Riddhima, Vansh’s turn will come. He already lost the right to sit on the main chair of the family now he will lose his live too. Riddhima asks what he means. Aryan says that Vansh lost Dadi’s trust and she snatched all the rights from Vansh. Riddhima says he’s doing wrong and asks her to release. Aryan releases her and asks her to run. Riddhima runs in the jungle. She stops hearing a gun sound. She turn around and finds Aryan aiming at her. Aryan says that she wanted to kill, now she will see how hunter will get hunted.

Vansh hits Aryan with his car before he could shoot Riddhima. The latter runs away. Aryan says that Riddhima needs to die before 7pm. Vansh hits Aryan and aims gun at him. Aryan says that he become blind in love, Riddhima is the culprit not him. Vansh says that he knows so he will her. Riddhima looks shocked hearing this. Vansh aims the gun at Riddhima. He says goodbye sweetheart and shoots her. Riddhima falls down. Vansh puts Riddhima in the middle of the jungle and is about to leave. Aryan stops him and asks if he will not check to confirm she’s dead. It could his new plan to save Riddhima. Vansh asks Aryan to check himself and walks away. Aryan checks Riddhima and says to Vansh that he can’t believe, he really killed Riddhima. He says that he’s happy that the stone hearted Vansh is back. Vansh says that untill he’s there, Aryan can’t sit in the main chair of the house.

Vansh puts tilak on Dadi’s leg with Riddhima’s blood. Dadi asks Aryan if it’s true. Aryan says yes,Riddhima is dead. Sia says it can’t be true and asks Vansh why he killed Riddhima, he hates her. Dadi asks Sia to stop crying. She says that Vansh did right. She holds Vansh’s hand and says she’s proud of him, he saved their family’s prestige. She takes Vansh outside.

Vansh is sitted on the ground and Dadi pours milk over him. Vansh recalls his moments with Riddhima. She puts tilak on Vansh’s forehead and says that she got confirmation that he’s capable to carry on the tradition of the family. Ishani says that she’s happy that Riddhima is dead, and she got back her brother. Dadi asks everyone to leave as she wants to have a talk with Vansh in private.

Dadi says that she’s happy that Vansh fulfilled his duties. She adds that some from the house must’ve helped Riddhima in her planning, and they have to find that person as soon as possible. Vansh nods ok.

Vansh is in the bathtub recalling him shooting Riddhima. He gets shocked seeing Riddhima in front of him. She says that even with holy water, he can’t wash the sin of a murder. She asks if he’s happy that he had killed the imposter or it’s possible that he had killed his wife. Vansh looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dadi slaps Vyom and asks him to get out. Vyom asks what he did. Vansh shows the rifle and the diamonds and says that he got from his house. Vyom warns Vansh saying a storm is waiting for him