Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh holds Vyom at gunpoint


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima saying tp Vansh if he hasn’t killed his wife. She asks according to him who she’s, Riddhima or an imposter. He says that he’s not his Riddhima. She assures him that she’s his Riddhima, her love and love can never die. Vansh says she’s lying, she’s Vyom’s wife. She says he’s mistaken again. She asks why he’s upset after killing her, if she’s not his Riddhima. Vansh holds her closely and says she’s not his Riddhima and he will find his Riddhima and no one can stop him.

Sia is crying holding Riddhima’s photo. Vyom calls in landline. Sia receives it. He flirts with her and talks about his date proposal. Sia tells Vyom that Riddhima is dead and Vansh killed her. Vyom is shocked and says he can’t believe, how Vansh can kill his wife whom he loved very much. Sia says that it’s true, she heard him telling the same to Dadi. She further says that there’s no value for humans in their family business. Vyom comforts her, and cuts the call. Vyom is furious on Vansh and asks how he can do like that.

Just then Vyom notices Vansh sitting in his chair. Vyom asks him what he’s doing here. Vansh says this chair is as comfortable as the chair in VR mansion, but anyone, who sits on his chair, can’t become Vansh. He is still the same, who has runaway from the Ireland. Vyom says he knows everything about him. Vansh asks him where’s Riddhima. Vyom laughs and says he himself killed Riddhima and now asking him about Riddhima. Vansh slaps him and says she’s not Riddhima, but his wife. Vyom says his wife died longback and the one he killed is his wife. Vansh points gun at him. Vansh says he has sent his wife to his house to work for him as she is Riddhima lookalike. Vyom denies. Vansh ssys he has to tell him sooner or later where his Riddhima is and leaves. Vyom says he will made a bigger chair than his. He receives a call and says that Vansh is fooling us. He hasn’t killed his wife, he knows everything. He sets fire to the chair.

Sia is remembering Vyom and his talks. Ishani comes to Sia. She finds her immersed in her thoughts and brings her back to the reality and asks whom she was thinking about. She teases and says that she’s in love and asks the name of that guy whom she loves. Sia takes promise from her and says Vyom. Ishani gets excited. They have a talk about vyom. Sia says how she feels when she thinks about Vyom and asks she feels the same way for Angre. Ishani says there’s nothing between them, their marriage is like a joke. Sia says she loves Angre very much, but her ego doesn’t let her admit her feelings. She asks her to express her feelings to him and give him a chance.

Vyom touches Dadi’s leg. Dadi blesses him thinking Vansh. Vyom corrects her saying he’s Vyom, her another grandson. Dadi asks where’s Vansh. Vyom says he has come to his house searching for Riddhima. He asks Dadi if she’s certain that Vansh killed Riddhima, he doesn’t think he must’ve killed her, since he loves her very much. Dadi slaps Vyom. She asks him to get out. Vyom asks what his mistake his, why she’s asking him to leave. Vansh comes there and says that he got their ancestral rifle and their diamonds from Vyom’s house. Dadi says that she has doubt that someone is helping Riddhima, but she never thought that person could be him, whom she treated like her children. She asks him to get out and leaves from there. Vyom warns him about an upcoming storm.

Vyom goes to Dadi. He asks if she’s reading Bhgavad Gita to hide the truth or to repent. Dadi asks how he dared to come to her room. She shouts Vansh. Vyom closes her mouth and warns her. Dadi says that she’s not scared of him. Vyom asks Dadi to think what will happen when her family will get to know the role she played in game between his dad and Vansh dad. Dadi asks how he knows about it and how much he knows. Vyon threatens her saying if the truth comes out, she will lose the respect that her family members are giving to her. Dadi gets tensed. She calls out Vansh.

Vansh comes to Dadi. He gets furious on seeing Vyom. He tries to hit Vyom, but the latter holds his hand. Vyom warns Vansh. Dadi asks Vansh to make Vyom leave. Vyom promises to come back with all the old memories and leaves. Vansh asks Dadi what Vyom is talking about. Dadi says that he’s making fun of their family’s name which has been falling down since few days. She holds Vansh hand and asks him to bring back the family’s prestige and shows to the world that they’re the best.

Vansh gets into his car and drives away. Someone is following him. He reaches a location. He uncovers Riddhima’s face. Riddhima shouts how he dared to ill treat her. She asks why he’s keeping her tied up.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh asks the imposter where Riddhima is. She says in front of him. He asks her to prove she’s Riddhima. She tells about their first meeting. Vansh says anyone can get this details, she’s not his Riddhima. He leaves. He gets shocked on seeing Angre. He asks what he’s doing here. He hasn’t called him