Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th March 2021 Written Update: Kiara belittles Aryan by praising Vansh


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima asking Vansh why he kept tied her up. Vansh recalls what happened. FB is shown. Vansh explains to Angre that he is going to shoot Riddhima. Just before that he(Angre) has to shoot her and the special serum will slow down her heartbeats for a while. He then loads his gun with a special pullet which contains red liquid. He says that when it will hit Riddhima, it will burst out and red liquid will come out. Vansh executes his plan and succeeds to fool Aryan. FB ends.

Riddhima yells that how she’s alive and asks what he’s doing with her. Vansh blames Riddhima for everything. He says that she sold their family’s pride to their ennemy. Riddhima denies it. She asks why he didn’t kill her, if he doesn’t trust her. He says that she’s alive because of the secret that she’s hiding. He asks where Riddhima is. Riddhima asks to kill her. Vansh says not untill she tells about Riddhima’s whereabouts. She says that she doesn’t know. Vansh leaves from there.

Chanchal says to Aryan that Dadi would have done his rudrabhishek, if he had kill Riddhima and scolds him. Aryan shouts shut up mom. She angrily turns and gets scared finding Kiara in front of her. She scolds her and leaves. Kiara tells Aryan that he shouldn’t feel bad for losing against Vansh as he’s better than him. She praises Vansh and belittles Aryan which angers Aryan.

Riddhima is having food. Vansh is at VR mansion and is watching Riddhima through the camera recording. Riddhima says she finished. Angre ties her up. Vansh hears a sound and comes out to check. He finds Kiara sitting on the floor. She says that she sprained her leg, and requests him to do a leg massage. Vansh agrees and helps to releive her leg sprain. He makes her stand up. She thanks him. Vansh leaves.

Riddhima tells Angre that Vansh failed to recognize his wife, and asks if he also thinks she’s not Riddhima. She says that she had chosen him for Ishani for his good qualities. Though he’s gangster, he can’t hurt a woman and disrespect her. He loves Ishani very much, and she’s certain one day Ishani will understand his feelings. She asks if he still thinks she’s an imposter. Angre gets a call and leaves.

Ishani recalls Sia’s talks about Angre. Angre comes there talking over phone. Ishani removes Angre’s shirt and gets romantic with him.

Dadi throws away the photo of her and Riddhima. Vansh comes there and pick it up. Dadi asks to throw out all the things related to Riddhima, who have ruined their family’s prestige. Vansh makes her sit and reminds her that he will bring family’s prestige back. Dadi says that he’s love Riddhima is responsible for everything, he won her trust back by killing Riddhima, but he has to fill the gaps that Riddhima created in this house. Vansh nods. She gives him lecture about trust.

Vansh goes to Riddhima. The latter requests him to untie her as it’s paining. He release her. Riddhima drinks the water. Vandh tries to tie her again, but Angre requests him to leave her, she’s in pain. Angre says that he thinks they’re mistaking her, what if she’s really Riddhima. Vansh glares at Angre. He asks Riddhima where Riddhima is. She says in front of him. He asks her to proof. Riddhima gives detailed information about their first meeting. Vansh says anyone can find out these information. He doesn’t trust her. She then tells about a night only both of them knew. Vansh gets shocked. He recalls their moment. He says that she’s not his Riddhima and he can see his Riddhima’s ennemy in her eyes. Vansh leaves from there asking Angre to tie her up.

Vansh is in his secret office and remembers Vansh’s talks. Suddenly someone tries to suffocate him covering his face with a bag. Vansh wakes up startled. He looks at his laptop and finds the video recording isn’t working. Angre comes there asking he called her. Vansh asks what he’s doing here. He didn’t call him. Vansh checks the Video recording. He gets shocked on seeing someone. He asks what he’s doing there.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh gives Riddhima some liquid and asks her to prove she’s Riddhima by drinking it. She pours the liquid on the floor. Vansh and Riddhima fall down. Vansh says she’s not Riddhima. She says he wants to know where Riddhima is. He nods. She kisses him