Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st March 2021 Written Update: Vansh locks Sia in her room


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vyom coming to thd place where Riddhima is kept. Riddhima asks how he got to know about this place. Vyom releases Riddhima. She asks what he’s doing here. Vyom says that he’s happy finding her alive. When he got to know Vansh killed her, he was shocked and worried about their deal. Vansh lied to his dadi and saved Riddhima, maybe duplicate Riddhima. He asks her to leave before Vansh sees them together. Riddhima says that she’s not going anywhere, their deal is still on. She says that she will get the black box. She asks him to tie her up and leave. He does so. Vansh and Angre come there. They get shocked on seeing Riddhima tied up to the chair.

Sia is stalking Vyom’s IG posts. Ishani comes there and asks when she’s going to meet him. She says that she will help her to meet him as a thanking gift for her other day advice. She advises her to confess her feelings to Vyom. Ishani burns Sia’s clothes, and says that she will do her makeover, Vyom won’t be able to take his eyes off her.

Dadi gets shocked seeing Vyom in her room, and shouts how he entered in. Vyom says that he’s also like her grandson. He adds if he doesn’t come here, who will tell her truth to her family, she has to pay for her past mistakes. Dadi looks shocked. He asks what will happen, when Vansh will get to know her truth. Her family will hate her knowing the truth. She shouts stop it and it’s turn out to be her imagination. Dadi falls on the floor crying.

Vansh asks Riddhima who has come here and warns him not to lie. Riddhima says that no one has come. Vansh asks whom she’s trying to save. Cameras got disconnected when someone came here and that person wanted to save her. She asks then why she still tied up. He says that cameras don’t lie. She asks him to check it himself. Angre informs Vansh that Dadi’s is unwell and she asks to see Vansh.

Vansh asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says that she needs to talk to Vansh in private and asks Anupriya and Chanchal leave. They wonder what Dadi want to say to Vansh in private. Dadi asks Vansh to shut the door. Dadi asks Vansh to promise that he will not misunderstand her. Vansh assures her that he won’t. Dadi tells that one’s past keep following him. She’s about to tell about her past, but she falls asleep.

Ishaani does Sia’s make over, and brings her in front of the mirror. Sia can’t believe that she’s. Ishani asks her to go and meet Vyom. Sia is scared and says she doesn’t know Vyom’s address. Ishani asks her to take Vansh’s car and find Vyom’s location with GPS’s help. Sia is sacred, but Ishani persuades her to go.

Vansh phones angre and asks who has told him that he called him home. Angre says he got a call and he doesn’t know whose call it was as it was an unknown number, nor he can identify the voice. He apologizes for his carelessness. Vansh wonders who could’ve called Angre. He remembers that he saw Kiara in front of the secret room.

Vansh goes to Kiara’s room. He says that he wants to talk to her about something important. She asks him to talk looking into her eyes. She calls him inside. Vansh takes Kiara’s phone and checks her call log. She asks him to return her phone. Vansh keeps checking ignoring her. He leaves.

Ishani gives Vansh’s car key to Sia and asks her to leave. Vansh comes there and asks where Sia is going. Vansh is surprised seeing Sia’s makeover. Ishani says that she goes to meet her friends. Vansh asks her to shut. Sia says that she isn’t a kid and she doesn’t need his permission. Vansh repeats his question. Sia says that she will not say. She will do whatever she wants. She asks if he will kill her like he killed Riddhima. Vansh says that she’s not going anywhere and drags her inside. Ishani tries to stop him, but he warns her. He locks Sia in her room and tells Ishani no one should open the door.

Vansh goes to Riddhima. He asks Angre to untie Riddhima and leave. Vansh asks Riddhima to drink a liquid and prove she’s his Riddhima.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima kisses Vansh. Aryan tells Dadi that Riddhima is alive. Dadi asks Vansh if Aryan is telling the truth. Vansh admits that Riddhima is alive. Dadi angrily looks at Vansh.