Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd July 2021 Written Update: Vyom tries to create misunderstandings between Vansh and Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddhima asking where he was last night. She checked in the bathroom and he wasn’t there. She didn’t have any confusion. Vansh asks why she came after him last night and asks what she saw. Riddhima says that she didn’t see anything. Vansh tells Riddhima to not move from here until he will return after one hour. Riddhima asks what he will do if she moves from there. Vansh angrily glares at her. Riddhima apologizes and assures him that she won’t move from there.

Dadi tells the hotel staff to chain the food menu. Vyom comes to Dadi. Dadi asks why he didn’t leave yet. Vyom says that he got attached to her, so he can’t leave. He indirectly threatens to kill her. Dadi requests Vyom to not say anything in front of Vansh which will anger Vansh. She alerts him to stay away from Vansh as in upcoming day Vansh mood would be off. He may kill him before he can others. Vyom says that there’s fear in her eyes yet she has guts to threaten him. She is scared that if he fuels Vansh’s anger, Vansh can even kill her. What Vansh will do if her secret comes out. Dadi gets nervous. Vyom pours water over Dadi. He says that this water will remove her sweat, but can’t wipe it off her sins. Dadi leaves from there.

Aryan comes looking into his phone and bumps into Vyom. He says sorry. He sees Vyom and says he wouldn’t have said sorry, if had seen him. Vyom holds Aryan’s neck and threatens him. Vyom asks why he’s not answering his calls, if he thinks of double crossing him. Aryan denies and tells that he’s also a player of his game and he knows everything about this. He says that he got something big and leaves from there.

Angre tells Vansh that their Thailand consignment was stolen. Vansh asks how. Angre says that he doesn’t know, but the thief had full details of the consignment and its location. He says that person is very smart. Vansh says that only one person can do this. Angre says Vyom. Vyom passes by that side. He greets Angre and Vansh and leaves. Vyom overhears their conversation. Vansh asks who all know about this consignment. Angre tells only he, Vansh and Aryan. Vansh asks how Aryan got to know about this. Angre says that he was busy in preparing his anniversary party, so he gave the consignment work to Aryan. Vansh asks where Aryan is. He wants to talk to him.

Vansh goes back to his room and calls out Riddhima. He gets angry that Riddhima wasn’t in front of him when he came back. Riddhima clarifies that she went to the washroom. She asks him what happened to him, his behavior is weird. He’s acting as they’re in a military school. She offers him water. Vansh asks Riddhima to give a kiss. Riddhima asks if he’s doing all drama for a kiss. She tells him to drink the water first. Vansh refuses. Riddhima decides to drink the water. Vansh throws the glass. Riddhima asks if he’s mad. Vansh says that how the glass can dare to touch her lips before him. Riddhima calms her down and tells Vansh to kiss her first. Ishq mein marjawan plays in the BG. Riddhima closes her eyes. Vansh moves c’ose to Riddhima and leans like kissing her. He lifts Riddhima up and says that she won’t put her foot down until the glass pieces get cleaned. Riddhima hesitates to tell him something. Vansh asks if she wants to tell him something. Riddhima nods yes and says that she promised to not hide anything from him. She tells that their hotel manager is Vyom. Vansh gets shocked. He recalls Vyom greeting him. He angrily leaves from there.

Vansh and Angre go to Vyom. Vansh asks him few questions to which Vyom answers. Vansh asks if he will reveal his identity or not. Vyom removes the disguise. Angre gets shocked and points his gun at Vyom. Vansh tells him to wait saying he doesn’t want any murder in his hotel. Riddhima comes there. Vyom asks Riddhima if she has told Vansh that she was in his room last night. Vansh looks at Riddhima shocked. Angre tells him to shut. Vyom continues. He asks Riddhima to say how she nursed his wounds. Riddhima tells Vyom to shut up. Riddhima tries to explain to Vansh. The latter cuts her saying that he trusts her. Vansh slaps Vyom and tells him to t get out. Vyom says that he will leave, but not from his life.

Vyom sees Sia in the step. She tries to move away and collides with him. Vyom asks if she will keep seeking his attention. Sia tells him that he collided with her. Vyom mocks her. Sia says that she’s not bothered about him nor she loves him. She will prove him, she’s not fool. Later Riddhima comes to Sia’s room and sees her checking family members birthday photos album. Riddhima sits with and sees the photos. Riddhima asks for Vansh’s birthday photos. He always refused to talk about this. Sia says that Vansh doesn’t celebrate his birthday shocking Riddhima.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh shouts at Riddhima asking if she’s following him. Riddhima denies and says that she brought this cake for him. She baked it for his birthday. Vansh throws the cake. He says that he hates his birthday.

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