Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story 13th October 2020 : Vansh plays mind games with the family

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Vansh scolding the family for being so careless. Chanchal tells him about her room getting fire and Aryan adds that a thief entered the house in the midst of fire and even shot poisoned bullet at Dadi. Vansh asks Ridhima why she didn’t tell anything to him. Anupriya says that it seems like Ridhima herself is involved in whatever is happening as her behaviour got weird. Chanchal agrees with Anupriya for bringing troubles in their temple like house. Aryan adds that it seems like she is looking for something.

Ridhima replies that she is looking for Sejal who has been kidnapped and brought in the house. Chanchal gets nervous and asks what rubbish she is speaking but Ridhima tells Vansh that she found Sejal came to Mumbai to surprise her from Dubai and wanted to tell her something but she got kidnapped. She also tells that she found the watch in the house. Vansh reveals that Sejal is with him. Ridhima thanks God but gets scared thinking that Sejal might have told him about her and Kabir. The latter thinks that Mishra handed Sejal over to Vansh. Anupriya thinks that Sejal got escaped from Kabir and Aryan and Chanchal are scared that Sejal might have told Vansh about them kidnapping her.

Vansh carefully stares at each and everyone and then looks at Badrinath and asks who he is. Dadi replies that he is the new helper she called. Vansh warns them all that no one will go out from the house and adds that soon everything will be out. He takes Siya and makes her sit on the wheelchair. He leaves. The rest of family leaves too.

Kabir tries calling Mishra who doesn’t pick up his calls and he worries that Vansh might have gotten Sejal for real.
After a while, Ridhima is seen walking in the corridor thinking if Vansh really has Sejal. Kabir drags Ridhima aside. Ridhima asks why he didn’t leave yet. Kabir says that he cannot leave her alone since she is worried. He accuses Vansh for kidnapping Sejal but Ridhima defends him saying that he might be saving Sejal from Anupriya. Kabir is frustrated for the way Ridhima has become blind in love. He tells Ridhima that Sejal might have told Vansh that she is betraying him and she must find out how much Vansh knows. Ridhima gets thoughtful wondering how to do that.

Later, Anupriya shares with Kabir her concern about the situation and asks if he called Mishra. Kabir is frustrated because he has to stay inside the house because of Vansh’s order. He scatters curtains on ground and Anupriya gets shocked seeing “today at 4pm secret will be revealed” written on window. She freaks out fearing that Vansh got to know their truth. Kabir calms her down telling her that Vansh is just playing mind games with them. He says that he will do something.

On the other hand, Chanchal eats in tension as she is scared that Vansh came to know that they kidnapped Sejal. Aryan calms her down saying that Vansh might have asked few questions to Sejal as well and will get to know Ridhima’s truth and even if Vansh comes to know the truth, then they will convince him that they did all this for him only. He asks Chanchal to enjoy his sandwich. Chanchal bites the sandwich but finds a chit in it saying that the secret will be revealed today at 4pm. Both Aryan and Chanchal are shocked. Chanchal notices a shadow outside the room and whispers Aryan that someone is listening to their talks. They go to check but none is there. They are confused about the secret that will be revealed at 4pm.

Meanwhile, Vansh goes in the room where he finds Ridhima walking right and left. She asks him how his past days were. Vansh says that he told her everything already. Ridhima thinks that he was different on phone and wonders what Sejal told him that his behaviour completely changed. Vansh asks her to give him a file. Ridhima hands it over to Vansh and then starts telling Vansh about her friendship with Sejal but Vansh keeps looking at his files. Ridhima thanks him for the phone. He keeps ignoring. Ridhima shows him the perfume he uses as she bought a new one after the last one finished. Vansh says that his choices changed. Ridhima says that he always uses it.

Vansh pulls Ridhima closer and wipes the sweat on her forehead with handkerchief. He asks why she is so nervous. Ridhima says that she is just excited to meet Sejal. Vansh asks whether there was something she shouldn’t have told him and she is scared for that. He says that it’s enough for her to know that Sejal is safe and asks her to keep patience. Before leaving, he tells Ridhima that at 4pm everything will come out. Ridhima looks at clock: only half an hour is left. She wonders what Vansh is up to.

Anupriya acts frenetic looking at the clock as only twenty minutes are left. She asks Kabir to leave immediately. He gets Ridhima’s call and she tells him that Vansh didn’t let her know anything and she didn’t ask furthermore otherwise he would have suspected her. She tells him that Vansh will do something at 4pm. She is worried because he is still at home and asks him to leave. Kabir is silent. Vansh takes Ridhima’s name from behind. Ridhima gets scared. She cuts the call.

Anupriya asks Kabir what happened. Kabir shakes his head making Anupriya understand that Ridhima got nothing in her hands. She asks Kabir to leave immediately. Kabir wears mask and goes out.

At the same time, Ridhima turns around facing Vansh who asks her whom she was talking to and asks to show her phone. Ridhima is worried thinking that Vansh might come to know about her and Kabir. Vansh grabs the phone but it’s switched off. Ridhima recalls switching it off after cutting the call. She lies that battery might be dead that’s why Pandit Ji’s voice wasn’t coming: she called him to apologize since he came in vain as the pooja didn’t happen. Vansh leaves. Ridhima hopes Kabir manages to leave from the house.

Kabir walks downstairs but stops seeing Vansh near the door. Abir hides inside the openable box table in the hall. Vansh turns around.
At 4pm sharp, an alarm starts ringing. The whole family gathers in the hall complaining about the sound. Kabir thinks that he is safe in the box. Dadi asks what is happening. Vansh tells that everyone knows what is going to happen as she sent everyone a special message telling that a big secret will be revealed at 4pm. He scrutinizes everyone saying that a lot happened in his absence and lots of secrets have been hidden. He sits down on the table in which Kabir is hiding asking everyone to tell everything even if he knows it all but he wants to hear from their mouths. He asks Aryan to start.

Chanchal is about to speak up but Vansh interrupts saying that he is going to reveal a big secret. He says that there is a rumour that nothing can be hidden from his eyes. He removes the cover of the table in which Kabir is hiding and drags him out grabbing his collar. He reveals that he saw him hiding inside it. Vansh removes Kabir’s mask and his face is revealed. He introduces Kabir to the family as inspector Kabir.
Episode ends