Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : The masked man leaves a message for Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Ridhima wondering what is happening recalling the recent happenings. She is very confused as she is unable to connect the dots and find the truth. She recollects about the assassin who tried to kill her and says that someone came in the room. She gets restless remembering that.

Vansh comes in the room and sees her frantic. Ridhima tells him that she remembered about the person who tried killing her by removing her mask. Vansh asks her to tell him who that is. Ridhima says that she doesn’t know who that is but he was wearing yellow gloves and tried to remove her mask. She says that someone wants to kill them both. Vansh makes her sit and asks her not to worry. He promises her that he won’t let anything happen to her. The masked man is keeping an eye on them.

Vansh tells Angre that it is the first time he has questions but no answers. He wonders who tried killing him but ended up harming Ridhima. Angre asks how he is so sure that there isn’t Ridhima behind all this. Vansh asks why Ridhima would take bullet instead of cooperating with her partner and she even said that the same masked man who shot her, removed her mask, and why would Ridhima’s partner try to take her life. He says that they have to find out what the matter is. Anupriya comes and asks what they have to find out. Vansh looks on.

Dadi talks to Ridhima and tells her that Vansh never goes to temple but he went to temple for her and even prayed in front of God. Ridhima is shocked to hear that. She says that he is atheist. Dadi says that he was atheist but changed for her and for the fear of losing her. She says that Vansh cannot see the person he loves in pain, he has always lived for his family only and doesn’t let danger even touch his family and if he sees danger then he can cross any limit.

Vansh tells Anupriya that he will find the one behind the shootout. Anupriya says that she knows he worries about everyone but first he should take care of himself. She suggests him to take rest. Vansh refuses because his family is in danger and that person can harm anyone so he cannot take any risk.

Dadi tells Ridhima that Vansh’s duty is to protect her and says that she is very happy to see their love and hopes no evil eye comes upon them. She leaves as she has some work. Ridhima feels like someone is keeping an eye on her continuously and wonders who can it be.
Ishani smirks thinking that Ridhima is taking rest after killing Sunny but she won’t spare her so easily.

Ridhima comes back in the room and reads a threat written on mirror warning her not to try to reach him otherwise she will be responsible for everything that will happen. Ridhima rushes to call Vansh. She stumbles on stairs but Vansh comes and holds her. Ridhima takes Vansh to see what’s written on mirror but there is nothing there anymore. Whole family gathers there. She says that there was something written with lipstick on mirror there. Everyone says that it could be her misunderstanding since she just came out from trauma and didn’t take proper rest and had medicines. Dadi asks her to calm down and take rest. Everyone leaves. Ridhima notices Ishani smirking before leaving.

Vansh asks Ridhima to sit down. She asks him if he also thinks that she didn’t see any message on mirror but it’s just effect of medicines. She says that there was really a threat there with skull drawn with lipstick. She thinks the man with gloves is behind this. Vansh asks her if she thinks that that person is still in the house. Ridhima says that she thinks that it’s a family member only but Vansh scolds her. Ridhima shows him the lipstick which is left on mirror but Vansh shows her an open lipstick and says that it must have been her illusion only. He leaves asking her to take rest.

Ridhima is very sure that the message written on mirror was written with red lipstick while the opened lipstick is of a different shade. She wonders who can be the culprit and thinks if that’s Anupriya but then convinces herself that a mother cannot do that. She says that maybe she knows who uses this lipstick shade.

Ridhima goes in Ishani’s room and sees her applying red lipstick. She recalls how much Ishani hates her and thinks that Ishani might try killing her since she thinks that she killed Sunny. Ishani leaves the room. Ridhima hides and then decide to search for evidences against Ishani to show Vansh otherwise he won’t believe her.

Ridhima goes into the room and grabs the lipstick. She starts searching for gloves but Ishani comes and starts calling Vansh and Aryan. She tries getting the lipstick from Ridhima’s hands but she refuses to give since it’s proof against her. Vansh comes and asks what happened. Anupriya, Chanchal and Aryan come there too. Ishani blames Ridhima for trying to steal her cosmetics. Chanchal taunts Ridhima who clears tht she just wanted to prove that Ishani is the person with yellow gloves.

Vansh tries to take Ridhima away but she stops him and says that Ishani hates her since she thinks that she killed Sunny and the person with gloves is the same who tried killing her by removing the oxygen mask. Ishani shows her call record on phone saying that she was on videocall when that accident happened with her even though she has dreamed to kill her. Ridhima says that the lipstick shade is same one with which the message on mirror was written.

Vansh takes Ridhima to the room and blames her for creating scene in front of his family. He shows her another lipstick with the same red shade which was in Ridhima’s dressing table. Ridhima wonders who the masked person is if not Ishani.
Episode ends.