Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story 29th August 2020 : VANSH DECLARES THAT RIDHIMA CANNOT STAY WITH HIM ANYMORE

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Vansh asking why he would kill his mother. Ridhima is stunned. She looks towards the statue and asks Vansh if she is her mother. Just then, Anupriya comes. Ridhima looks at her and asks Vansh if Anupriya is not his mother. Vansh keeps looking down. Dadi, Chanchal and Aryan come there too.

Vansh looks at the statue and accepts that she is his mother and that painting was her last memory. Her name was Uma Raisinghania. Vansh grits his teeth and says that she gave him birth and also betrayed him: she left him alone without telling any reason, suddenly disappeared. Vansh falls on his knees. He says that he was very angry and tried a lot to forget her but a mother is a mother and asks how he can kill his mother. He sobs.

Ridhima tries to say something but Vansh stops her. She says sorry. Vansh points a finger at her and says that she won’t understand his feelings, the relations of a family since she is orphan. He leaves. Aryan thinks that now this fire won’t turn off. Everyone leaves. Ridhima cries recalling Vansh saying that she won’t understand his feelings.

Vansh comes in his room and scatters everything here and there. He is restless because the painting got lost.

On the other hand, Dadi tells Ridhima that she had asked her to handle Vansh in these difficult days but she worsened his wounds. She says that she has to find that painting in any way since it was painted by Vansh himself and it is the most precious thing for Vansh, that is why he kept it in secret room.

Dadi says that it was like his mother’s temple and blames Ridhima for destroying his temple. She says that the painting has always stopped the painting to become a devil and he never crossed his limits because of that but now, because of Ridhima, he might cross all his limits. She blames Ridhima for awaking the monster inside Vansh.

Vansh is looking for the painting in every room and corner of the house. He shouts frustrated. Ridhima, Dadi and others hear the scream from downstairs. Dadi asks Ridhima if she heard that and if she is able to understand his pain. She says that Vansh lost the most precious thing in his life today, he is going through the worst days of his life and it’s all Ridhima’s mistake. Dadi stumbles. Chanchal and Anupriya hold her.

Anupriya reminds Ridhima about the warning she had given her to stay in his limits but she didn’t listen to her. She declares that today it has been proved that she isn’t worthy of Vansh and this house. She says that the day she stepped in the house was the worst and says that now, if some shame is left in her, she should bring back the painting. Ridhima tries to make her understand that she has no idea where the painting is and is ready for any punishment.

Vansh comes and says that she will get punishment for sure. He walks downstairs glaring at Ridhima. Everyone looks at him. He gives Ridhima one hour to find the painting wherever it is, before Bappa’s aarti, after that she can leave from the house unscathed. He says that no matter what situation will be, she will have to leave from there since they cannot stay together now. He starts the chronometer for one hour. He leaves.

Ridhima is regretful for the mistake she made and decides to talk with Vansh. She goes to the room and gets shocked seeing Vansh lying on the floor, crouched. She gives him water but he jerks the glass away and asks her to come in front of him after she gets the painting only. Ridhima apologizes and says that she knows what he is going through. She says that she is orphan and knows how precious a mother is.

Vansh drags her out of the room and says that now no more drama will be allowed. He asks her to get the painting and reminds that only 45 minutes are left. He shouts the door.
Ridhima says that Vansh might be a bad person but she cannot snatch a mother’s memory from a son. She wonders who took the painting away. She is sure that whoever it might be, must want to put whole blame on her. A person wearing black gloves look at her from corner.

Ridhima goes in Aryan’s room and starts searching the painting in the closet. Aryan, who was sitting on bed and reading, asks what she is doing. Ridhima blames him for taking the painting since he doesn’t like Vansh and wants to hurt him. Aryan sits on bed saying that it is right but he is not that bad to steal Vansh’s last memory of his mother. Ridhiam threatens to tell everyone that he sent her in the mystery room and told her about the key.

Aryan says that none will believe her but everyone will think that she is putting blame on him to save herself. Ridhima thinks that it doesn’t seem like he stole the painting. She sees that thirty minutes are left only and decides to go to search it.

Ridhima goes in secret room and regrets because Vansh lost his mother’s last memory because of her. She wonders where the painting could be. The same person with black glove is looking at her. She turns and asks who he/she is.
Episode ends