Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Upcoming Story : Kabir threatens to harm Ishani

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Kabir telling Ridhima that he knew she would have reached the truth one day but so soon is not bad for her. Ridhima says that now that she knows the truth, she won’t spare him. Kabir asks whether she thinks he will let her ruin all his efforts of years. He affirms that he is always one step ahead than her and he should credit his smartness while she was and she will always be dumb. He reveals that he has been plotting since day one and she never suspected.

Ridhima understands that he has been playing game with her since day one, pretending to love her. Kabir defends himself saying that Anupriya left him and gave all his motherly love to three step children and after that it was impossible for him not to hate Vansh Raisinghania. He knew that Vansh is too powerful so he needed someone to make Vansh weak: the first time he saw her, he understood that she will be able to make Vansh weak. He gives her credit for being able to do that and wishes he could give her a medal. He says that he knew she would have even given her life for love and he only asked her to be part of a mission which she accepted and she even found Shera which was of no use though; after that he asked her a big sacrifice: marrying Vansh. And, being stupid, she did that also.

Ridhima asks whether all that was a lie. Kabir says yes. Ridhima asks whether he made a wrong image of Vansh in her eyes just to trap him in a fake case. Kabir says bingo and reveals that Neha wasn’t killed by Vansh but she accidentally fell from the tower becoming the first martyr of his mission. Ridhima says that an innocent life was gone because of him. Kabir reminds her how her own life was almost gone: he reveals that he had shot her when she came between him and Vansh so that the latter could blindly trust her and give the proof of Ragini’s murder on her hand.

Kabir also reveals that Vansh didn’t kill Saathe but he is the responsible of everything. He reminds her how Vansh kept repeating her that the old man isn’t Ragini’s father but her mind didn’t listen to her and her heart was believing him. Ridhima says that her love for him was the biggest mistake of her life. Kabir corrects her saying that the biggest mistake of her life was handing over Ragini to him. He reveals that he killed Ragini too. Ridhima pushes him calling him murderer. She remembers Vansh telling her that Ragini was the only one who knew who the murderer of Vansh’s mother was and assumes Kabir is that killer but he says that the one who burnt Vansh’s mother’s painting killed her. Ridhima gets shocked understanding that Anupriya killed her.

Ridhima says that all the love and care Anupriya showed was fake. Anupriya comes and says that she had to do it and she had to do what she did with Siya also because she had come to know about her truth. Ridhima understands that Kabir killed Ragini and trapped Vansh giving that three years old chip as proof against him. Kabir reveals that Aryan got the chip from Ravan dahan and then Anupriya got it.

Ridhima wants to reveal the whole truth to the family but Kabir pushes her in the swimming pool and says that he took many lives and taking another one is indifferent for him. Ridhima says that she is not afraid of getting killed but she will protect her family just like Vansh used to do. She comes out of the pool. Kabir asks what she will tell to the family: that Vansh’s destruction started the day she stepped into his life or that she was his (Kabir0s) girlfriend and came to this house as spy? He gives all the responsibility of Vansh’s murder and all the lives he took to Ridhima. Anupriya shows the audio in which Ridhima is confessing that she is a spy. Kabir says that her truth will be ahead of his one. He also reminds her that she didn’t tell Vansh’s death truth to anyone and he let him stay in the house too.

Ridhima says that she doesn’t care if everyone will hate her but she wants to protect her family so she will tell them their truth. When she is about to walk away, Anupriya holds her. Kabir grabs two bare wires and hits her with them. Ridhima falls down. Kabir asks what will happen if Ishani gets a current with one hundred wires. Ridhima says that she is pregnant and asks Kabir to show humanity but he says that it’s unlike him.
Ridhima rushes to save Ishani while Anupriya and Kabir chuckle. Ishani is about to get into her room and switch on lights but Ridhima pushes her. Ishani bashes Ridhima. Ridhima says that there are bare wires in the switch. Ishani asks her to take appointment with psychiatrist.

Kabir comes and turns on lights. He asks Ishani to take care of her and the baby since incidents can happen anytime anywhere. Ishani refuses to take any suggestion from him and asks everyone to get out. Kabir whispers to Ridhima that this was just a trailer and the movie is yet to come.
Episode ends

Precap: Some goons surround Ridhima riding on their bikes and they are about to attack her with knives. Kabir says that this is Kalyug and no God will come to rescue Ridhima. However, Vihaan comes and beats the goons.