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Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for interesting twist ahead with Kiara exposing Riddhima in front of Singhania’s.

Last we reported, Vansh ask Angre to find about black box soon. Elsewhere, Aryan meet Kiara. He gets smitten seeing her beauty. Aryan ask Kiara if she will not mind if he clicks her picture. Kiara allows Aryan. Ishani, Siya tease Aryan for getting a girlfriend finally. Here, Riddhima try to seduce Vansh. Vansh escape imposter Riddhima’s trap. Angre tell to Vansh about black box being in the city. Riddhima over hear Vansh’s talk and inform to Vyom. Vyom ask Riddhima to go and fetch the box. Kiara is seen with the black box.

Now in the upcoming episode, Vansh will give signal to Kiara. Kiara will leave the bag and will go. Vansh and imposter Riddhima both will race to get the box. Imposter Riddhima will well try to fetch the box. Vansh will manage to escape with the box. Vyom will ask Riddhima to bring the box else he will not spare her. Other side, Vansh will discuss will Angre about the box. He will ask Angre to keep the box safetly. Vansh will tell to Angre that Riddhima too was present at the club to fetch the box. He will tell she will surely come home with an excuse. Vansh’s word will come true when Riddhima will make an excuse for her wound. Later, Kiara will expose imposter Riddhima and will tell to Singhania’s that she met latter at the club. Vansh and others will stand shocked.  It will be interesting to watch what Vansh and Singhania’s will do with imposter Riddhima post learning the truth.

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